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Psycho Drama pt 1 —

They named it The Faces Of Human Trafficking. Yup, me and my friends went there. In soliciting for volunteers to participate, there were a few roles to fill: wealthy buyer of trafficked humans, trafficked person/slave/chattel, rival gang member, and child soldier (which would be played by littles). Did I mention I love my friends? I […]

Interrogation part 4 —

Let’s review. It was a dripping-sweat-hot Thursday night. I had invited Gray to have an interrogation scene. For my trouble, I found myself tied tight in 4mm hojo rope, partially suspended with only my left leg for support. I wore heels and stood on two overlapping matts, both contributing to my general lack of stability. […]

Interrogation part 3 —

“Yes, this will work great.” Having taken off his gloves, Gray again pulled out his butterfly knife. After examing my gag and approving of his plan, he cut two slits into the very damp piece of fabric. He then pulled out the pepper. I had heard the story earlier. One of my cabinmates had taken […]