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Care —

It was the simplest movement, the simplest motion. A submissive sat with her head on her Dom’s knee. Then lightly, gently, she brushed her cheek against his knee. That was all it took to bring me to tears. I quietly snuck my way downstairs, located the bathroom, leaned against the wall, and cried. I wanted […]

Up High —

When we arrived, our group disbursed, heading to their toy bags or directly downstairs. Since I had my things with me, I stayed in the upstairs, wanting to get ready. I’d grabbed a simple black wrap dress that accented my cleavage well, some jewelry, a pair of daunting heels, and my tail. Though quite tired, […]

Closing —

We all gathered back where we’d started, again amassing in the basement living room. I sat by the front this time, nestling on the floor. We assembled in a circle, everyone looking at one another. Gray stood by the front again, all the sheets of paper with the class names in his hands. One-by-one he […]

Full Contact Improv —

“An orgy without sex.” “Free form modern dance.” “Presense through movement and touch.”I couldn’t completely trust. I couldn’t completely let go. I couldn’t completely extend my arm. The exercise was simple: let your partner take your weight. I held Inretrepida’s hand and leaned back, but there was a bend in my elbow. Gray had instructed […]

Fisting Is Fun —

Before we began, we had a little laugh. This would be the first time we fisted using a glove and lube. When I walked upstairs for my Fisting class, I was a little nervous. Inherent in the premise for my presentation is a slight flaw: I needed a demo fist. I knew this, and hoped […]

Almost Gone —

It happened in an instant. I was teaching my first class of the Grue, a presentation centered on cigar play from the bottom’s perspective. Gray consented to helping me, taking on the role of my demo top. We had already demonstrated a few fun aspects of play (smoke kiss, smoke rise, and eating ash) when […]

A Kiss —

A moment later, my pouting somewhat subsided, MattP and Roughinamorato announced they needed a nipple. Of course, since I was right there and am always happy to be helpful, I volunteered. I quickly disrobed, removing my school Gir shirt, tie and bra, standing in front of them in just my Gir booty shorts. To show […]

A Good Time —

With my current class dismissed, I drifted back down to the basement where I found lunch had magically appeared. I wasn’t hungry yet, so I wandered into the dungeon next door. MattP was finishing up his Dropping Bitches class and I was able to catch a bit of the knot he used to secure his […]

Full Contact Kissing —

She presented it in a way I had never thought about. She spoke about a passion one would not immediately think of: kissing. She pointed out how most people in the scene viewed kissing as a vanilla activity, but it didn’t have to be. Kissing could be a scene all in itself. As Symetrie spoke, […]

Passions —

We arrived five minutes early, groggy but excited. Inretrepida gave me a ride Saturday morning from The Naked House to the Grue, for which I was quite grateful. Otherwise I would’ve had to take three buses for about one and a half hours. As we entered we deposited our shoes to the left and deposited […]