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A Darkness —

~ a nightmare ~   I laid on my bed, curled into myself, facing the wall. He walked in.  I heard his boot steps.  Felt the change in the room.  Safety had vanished and wouldn’t reappear until he left. He threw something on my legs, something soft, fuzzy.  I looked down.  It was a pink […]

Silence —

~ an imagined nightmare ~ I felt my body before I ever opened my eyes. I was tired, achy, from long days of work multiple days in a row. I didn’t want to get up, didn’t want to move, didn’t want to rip off my covers and start another long day. But I had to. […]

Distressed —

It started Monday night.  At first it was just a tickle in my throat, nothing new.  I fell asleep with a cough drop under my tongue like I’d done many a time before, believing this would be enough. When I awoke the next morning, I still had a tickle in my throat, but it was […]

Wordplay —

~ a pittance poetry ~ 1) Deep in the forest, creeping through the almost nightDrifts a little girl clinging to a small light. She wanders and cries, and holds her beam tightNot knowing what dangers lurk or could fright. She wishes she were home, weeps at her plightFor she does not know how exactly to […]

Hard Or Soft —

~ a half imagined nightmare ~ We sat on the floor of his bedroom, down in the basement, as cluttered and full as ever. Two bare bulbs hung from the uncovered wood floor beams. His television displayed an old black and white movie, something scary. His bed was tousled. His clothes were everywhere. Why did […]

Appetite —

~ a moment of terror ~ There is something about that first feeling as it passes over your lips. Something about that first drop on your tongue. That first taste. The fullness of the liquid. The salted sting of it as it flows from someone else and into you. It is a powerful notion, a […]

There There —

~ a moment of terror ~“There, there. It’ll be over soon.”My father would always say that when I was going through something horrible, something painful. Like when I broke my arm falling from the tree in our back yard. Or when every centimeter of my skin itched from the chicken pox but I couldn’t scratch […]

For Me —

~ a dark thought ~ “I’m not answering your questions. Your questions are juvenile, amateur, rude. No, I will not answer your questions.” “Fine, then can you just tell me why. Why did you do it? Why? And to so many…” “Now, that is a question I will answer. It was… the sounds. “For me, well, I’m a […]

The Hand —

There are toys to be played with, laughter to be sung out, and gift cards to cash in. Therefore today I give you all another story I wrote some years back. Enjoy. The Hand She lay in bed, trying to pretend everything was normal. The radio was on. Her boyfriend was next to her. She […]