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Abduction part 1 —

I had a feeling… When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew from that breath on my abduction could happen at any moment. After a quick shower, I donned my purple and black dress, as well as my purple flats, and headed down towards the Pavilion. I was to demo bottom during the first class […]

My Thoughts —

Going into Fusion, I knew I wanted an abduction.  I had previously attempted one at the last Fusion, but instead called off the scene.  For this year, I chose my friend N3rddom to organize and coordinate the affair with my approved captors to make this scene happen. As part of the process, N3rddom asked me to send […]

Storm —

I could feel it coming. I had just gotten out of the shower, just washed away the sweat of the hot hot Friday, when I could just feel it. A storm was coming. Stepping outside onto the back porch, the wind had started to swirl. The skies had turned ominous. I think, then, everyone knew […]

Confirmation —

“You’ve lost weight.” – Murphy, with a smile, after our second hug of Shibaricon “Well either you’re still exercising or you’ve seriously decreased your calories.” – Slut, on our way to registration “Where have you gone? You’re disappearing… Well, not all of you is gone.” – Gray, sliding his hand around my stomach, then ending […]

Hugs —

In conversation recently, I’ve heard about a study that showed Americans are not touched enough. As a person who is in fact a “hugger”, I tend to believe this. Often we all need our personal space. I wouldn’t want an unwanted individual breaking the minimum eighteen inches around me that I view as “my air”. […]