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Memories —

The first night of Rope Camp featured Midori’s Meat Market, a fun little event to introduce folks to one another and start the dialogue for play. After the get together concluded, I eased my way over to Rough.  He was showing off his Fat Ass Rope, and I wanted a taste of the experience.  I […]

DGG #10: Shibaricon pt 3 —

Some pizza, a pair of shoes, rope, rape play, and goodbyes. The last installment of my Memorial Day Weekend adventure. listen to ‘010_DGG Shibaricon 2013 pt 3’ on Audioboo

DGG #8: Shibaricon 2013 pt 1 —

This is the first of three installments on my fun times at this year’s Shibaricon.  Yup, you read that right.  Three podcasts just on one event.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun with a lot of friends.  Happy 10th anniversary to Shibaricon, as well as second anniversary to RopenSpace at the event.  […]

Third —

My third and final tie for Fusion occurred early Saturday night. Nomad, Lynk, and I met up by the Barn, standing on the outskirts of an event, the Kinky Circus. Nomad and I then headed towards the Dungeon as Lynk stayed a moment to speak to someone briefly. As the two of us stepped onto […]


Awesome friends introduce you to awesome people, who then become your awesome friends. And awesome friends do awesome things for each other. I HAS ROPE! Through my friend N3rddom, I met Nomad, a quiet sweet creature who loves rope as much, if not more, than I do. Even more than learning about ties, though, Nomad […]