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Race Checked —

I, at times, choose to be naive about the world.  I don my rose colored glasses and skip through my days trying to not think about the woes of our existence.  I make myself forget the crap-tastic nature of things and live with hope and glee for those around me.  But there is always some […]

Passing —

I can remember when I first learned the term “passing.”  It was during a history class in middle school.  I was in the seventh grade and a cute male teacher was talking about African American history during slavery.  He mentioned how there were slaves who worked in the home, often the children of the master, […]

And the Hits Just Keep Coming —

After yesterday’s information dump concerning the CIA & torture, I decided to spend some time reading the material released to the public. The following will be the highlights I’d like to share. Special Review: CIA – Office of the Inspector GeneralCounterterrorism Detention & Interrogation ActivitiesSeptember 2001 – October 2003 Summary 1- pg. 4 point 7: […]

The Story I Never Heard —

Back in June of this year, a nine year old girl and her father were murdered. Her mother, wounded, was able to shoot back at the attackers. When I learned this, I asked myself, “Why have I not heard about this story before?” Easy answer: Another man was killed during that same time, by a […]

The Work Is Far From Over —

Lawyer’s Statement on the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Henry Louis “Skip” Gates arrested outside his home Harvard professor Gates arrested at Cambridge home On July 16th, at 12:44p, a black man was arrested for trying to enter his own house. No one would know about this incident if that man had not been […]

White Privilege —

I read a piece on white privilege, recommended by Melissa Harris-Lacewell. Passing it along to the world at large. White Privilege. I benefit. Do you? Very thoughtful and thought provoking.

White Men Built This Country? —

I love MSNBC. Actually, no, that is not a fair characterization. I love Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. In all honesty, they are the only two shows on the station I watch. I love them for their coverage of political news with a liberal slant, but always honest, thoughtful, and FACTUAL information and commentary. Having […]

It Happened in 5th Grade —

Linked is an article by Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Racism at the Pool and a USAToday article for background. In her article, Harris-Lacewell speaks on both the recent incident that took place near Philadelphia, and the fact that every person of color will face at least once in their life a similar situation. For me, I was […]