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How Will I Meet You? —

Will you be a fellow classmate, concentrated on learning, career oriented, yet we make a connection that lasts beyond school? Will we pass each other at an event, a play party?  Maybe a happy hour or a munch?  Will we get to talking, flirting, and then our lives grow from there? Will it be random?  […]

Your Jacket —

You loaned it to me when I forgot my Zim hoodie.  I wore it at night at Rope Camp, zippering up against the chill and guarding myself against the occasional sprinkle. I donned it when I dropped you off at the airport.  I half expected to give it to you off my back.  And then […]

Faire —

“Up to anything today?” “Working on school work.  What you up to?” “Well it’s looking like I’m going to Ren Faire stag.  It’s the last possible day for me to go (out of town next weekend).” “Oh, what time you going?” ~ I didn’t expect OKC boy to be free.  Even as I texted him, […]

Wednesday —

It was cold enough that I slept with a hat on, my comforter draped over my face. When I woke up, it was still chilly.  I let myself snooze under my covers for a spell. But then I remembered the book. I’m reading an erotic novel for a book review to be published on this […]

Poetic Desires – Eroticon USA —

Name: Poetic Desires Twitter id: @poeticdesires Where in the world are you? east coast living, USA What brings you to Eroticon USA? My humble blog; my love for reading and writing fictional and non-fictional smut. What are you looking forward to most about Eroticon USA? Meeting people; interesting presentations; hearing some juicy stories. If you had […]

Subtle Suggestions —

  G: How many subtle suggestions can you identify in this picture? me: Maybe…15, being a creative writer and all. G: List?   One, your eyes.  Staring at me.  The look you have when we’re in the middle of a scene.  The look you get right before you hit me, or lean in to pinch […]

Introduction —

As I waited outside in the cool air, I knew only that Tandava drove an Insight, described as an odd looking car, and, through the convenience of FetLife, I’d seen a picture of him. As I waited, I looked for an odd looking car.  After about ten minutes, I saw it.  I waved as Tandava […]

Jitters —

It hit me all at once. I was sitting downstairs, one of my textbooks open, my notecards to my right, along with my pen and sharpie.  I was cold; there is about a ten degree difference between floors in my house.  I was trying to focus, reading material I presumed would be covered during my […]

DGG #18 Love Languages —

Inspired by a tweet from @dirtylola, I spend an episode on some thoughts about love. Relevant Links Wikipedia Website for the quiz Amazon Time Jumps 1:30 Inspiration 2:39 Background 3:50 The 5 Love Languages 4:16 The Quiz 6:43 My Results 7:40 Touch 10:25 Acts of Service 11:30 Quality Time 12:24 Reflections on Time 17:50 Wrap […]

Grumpy —

~ a rant ~ I am not a morning person. My Mom loves to tell the story of me saying that to her one day in the car while driving me to middle school. And it’s true. I hate waking up early. Especially for work. Especially if I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. […]