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Endurance —

Haizhou Warning: This is a rant.I almost threw up on the plane. On my flight home, the Captain warned us it would be a rough landing. We were coming in through a heavy downpour. I opened up the window and could make out the storm as we passed through it. After the first time the plane […]

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Angry, A Rant —

Fair warning: This is not a sexy post. I will understand if you do not wish to read it.Fair warning: This post will cover not fun things. Really not fun things.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.It never occurred to me that people would not realize I am angry.  But, as I sat on the couch last night […]

Broken —

I feel broken. Chewed up and spit out. Chewed up and shat out. It’s 2:17am when I started typing, technically my birthday. Not the best way to start. “No, my brains and my bones don’t want to take this anymore…/So, why you being a dickhead for?/Stop being a dickhead./Why you being a dickhead for?/You just […]

Stress —

Sleep deprivation sucks. Nausea. Short temper. Easier to tears. Micro naps while I drive. And, frankly, I stop giving a fuck, at times acting like a bitch. It’s the busy season; I am very sleep deprived. When I woke up Sunday morning, my room was muggy and hot. I had gotten to sleep around 5am. […]

Idiots —

I don’t consider myself a bitch, per se. I am highly opinionated, and, when it comes to my job, I am greatly annoyed when others do not know their shit. And so it happened that today I had to deal with an annoying dumbass. I’d worked with him before. For the first hour of our […]

Religion and Reproduction —

This is a straight-up rant. This post isn’t meant to be sexy. It’s not specifically about sex, or fucking, or all the fun things my life occasionally entails. Fun Fact: In high school I was voted Most Opinionated. Here is a taste of why. [Side note: I was also voted Most Boy Crazy. Snicker as […]

Fair and Balanced —

Recently I performed a civic act and showed up, early, for jury duty.  In this particular instance of a ritual everyone has to go through, sooner or later, everything went right. Our summons time changed from 8:30am to 1pm because no cases were on the docket for the morning. Almost everyone showed up early. We […]

All The Reasons Why —

I didn’t get home til after 2am yesterday. I was tired and worked a 16hr day.  I was nervous and scared, being in the house by myself.  My brain goes to bad places when I’m alone at night. The time I planned to have today was evaporated by outside issues. My treadmill time this morning […]

Distance —

Of all the impediments to kinky fun times, there is no other motherfucker like distance. The nature of our subculture, with its multiple get togethers at various locations both in the states and around the world, lends to connections formed with people who, regrettably, do not live near you. And no matter how much you […]

The Slave Of Many Masters —

It feels kind of shitty to even be writing this; I’m about expound on a problem I know people would love to have. But it’s my fucking blog, so hmph. And yes, I am pouting. Often, too often, I feel torn between the many people in my life. My family and high school friends live […]