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Drama On My Couch —

I am currently living in a situation no one hopes to find themselves: my boyfriend’s mother is staying in our apartment & I am none too happy about it. One might ask: How could this happen?  I’ll tell you. Lately my boyfriend had, here and there, spoken off handily about the stress in his life, […]

The Difference Between Sex & Love —

My yesterday was pretty amazing; I spent it with a budding friend, in her extremely cool house, chatting with her hot roommate. But the after math of an emotional break through I had has given me a headache all day. So maybe if I write about it, the headache will go away. One of my […]


There is this saying when one is in a relationship: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? I chose to be happy. We hugged. I apologized for being bitchy. He told me it was no big deal. And then we sat and talked about politics for about 30 minutes, […]

Always in the Car —

My morning has not been fun. I will explain. As many of you know, yesterday was election day. I was only half interested in the results, seeing as my county did not hold elections. Last night I signed onto Twitter and found through a link an up-to-date posting of results. I went to bed knowing […]