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DGG# 21 Sexy Shameless Plugs —

Happy to be back with my first podcast in quite some time.  I think the result is well worth the wait.  Time jumps listed below… 0:00 Over 18 disclaimer and intro music 0:50 Long time no podcast 1:40 Seattle Grue 3:00 RambleGrue 4:05 DO Surrender 5:00 Random back pedally moment 6:05 Brain Lingerie 9:30 Speak […]

Deep Throating —

“There is no safety from a sophisticated Top.” – Max   “Do you deep throat?” “Yes.” “Open your mouth; tilt your head back.” I sat on the ground by his knee.  Cigar smoke loomed in the air. It was the first cigar social at Paradise, the only one I’d be able to attend.  Keet and […]

Sunday Brunch Plans —

The buzz of the house built as the perscribed time crept closer.  Metkat stood at the stove cooking his famous meat.  Clash prepped the coffee.   Amy took care of french toast, hot chocolate, and busciuts. Watching the bustle of the homemates around me, I felt the need to assist.  Amy put me in charge of […]


Daddy’s Baby Bitch It was a small sketch, easy to just pass over, easy to miss.  But, as I gazed upon it, blue ink on paper framed, just sitting on a wall, my eyes couldn’t look away. She sat on the floor, her head in his lap; her hair cascaded down her back.  It was […]

Grind —

The music pounded.  Lights danced through the air.  I sat on the other side of the room and watched as people let their bodies move. Metkat, one of Amy’s partners and one of her housemates, stood behind his laptop dictating the playlist for this part of the evening.  MissAmyRed was one of the persons dancing.  […]

Introduction —

As I waited outside in the cool air, I knew only that Tandava drove an Insight, described as an odd looking car, and, through the convenience of FetLife, I’d seen a picture of him. As I waited, I looked for an odd looking car.  After about ten minutes, I saw it.  I waved as Tandava […]

The Hard Sell —

“I just came back from my trip to Seattle.” My friend pat me on my back. “Well, it was nice knowing you.” “What do you mean?” “Almost every single person I know who visited Seattle moved there.” ~ “I’m going to keep poking and prodding because you’re awesome and we want you here.” – Clash […]