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My Sir —

~erotica~ He sat on the corner of the bed, the corner nearest the door. He still wore his clothes from work: collared dress shirt, creased dress pants, polished shoes, tie. He’d set his glasses on the end table beside the bed, his briefcase on the floor just under them. I stood in the doorway. I […]

ASA: The Words —

The ruler was made out of cedar, lacquered, with a metal straight edge. The numbers were a deep black, with inches as their only measurement. When it struck my hands, there was a snap in the air, not just from the sound but from the tidal shift in my world. Mr. Ebon’s class on Monday […]

After School Activities —

~erotica~ Mr. Ebon looked like he stepped out of one of those recruiting commercials that played during the breaks of football games: buzzed cut hair, sleek trim muscles, a solid gait you could set a metronome to. The only difference was his uniform consisted of a starched tie, crisp folds in his collared dress shirt, […]