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1.18.17 In Another Universe 2 —

Live from Washington D.C., I’m Poetic Desires. President-elect Clinton and her aids continue to lay out their agenda plans for their incoming administration’s first 100 days. Commerce Secretary Elizabeth Warren, in a press conference following the Senate’s vote to confirm their former colleague, announced plans to greatly expand the United States’ use of solar energy. […]

1.17.17 In Another Universe —

“Live from Washington, D.C., I’m Poetic Desires. President-elect Clinton continues to urge the Senate to accelerate the pace of cabinet confirmation hearings. Her Secretary of State nominee, current Vice President Joe Biden, is set to appear on Thursday, the day before Mrs. Clinton’s inauguration. The new President’s national security team has had their sessions, but […]

Her Lips —

~ a story ~   Her eyes were soft, caring.  Her smile was easy.  She smiled at me as I looked up at her. The conversation was laid back.  I was getting to know everyone.  She was a part of the group.  And she was beautiful. I tried not to stare, tried to just sit […]

Care —

~ a story ~   Something wasn’t right.  She knew as soon as she opened the door. It was the quiet.  It was never quiet when she arrived.  He always played music, usually something classical, though occasionally jazz piped through his sound system. And the smell was wrong.  He’d always have dinner almost ready.  There […]

Story Told —

On Tuesday night I attended Bare, a storytelling event held at the Black Cat in DC.  Part of the evening included picking a name at random from the “Bare pussy,” cocktail napkins submitted by the willing.  My name was in the pussy, but it was not pulled. Ever since, I’ve had the story I wanted […]