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I’m Done —

I was already a little peeved. I had waited for five minutes for the assistant to come into my room and check my vitals, a long delay that had previously never happened. And then I waited on the exam table, naked with my gown opening facing backwards, for another ten minutes for my GYN nurse […]

Pressure —

I know I put undue pressure on myself almost all the time. When it comes to work, there are times when I dread walking out of my front door. Recently I’ve been put in a semi-leadership position, asked to take on more responsibilities. Granted, this also means extra pay, but with the added money came […]

Comparison —

I have this nasty little habit: I look at other peoples’ lives and compare them to my own. Shit, let me be honest. I compare my everything to everyone else’s everything. And not just the cliche shit (body, job, car, house). I compare small things, like how jacked up my car is compared to most other […]

On Processing —

People have these things called feelings. And feelings, they are messy. They often don’t make sense unless you sit down and try to analyze them.  Look at them.  Think about them.  Give them more time and attention than most want to.  The thing is, though, you need to.  So you do it anyway, and hope at the end of […]

Being the Adult —

I had the title for this post picked out for a few days, relating specifically to President Obama, and how he needs to step up against the obstructionist Rethuglicans. (That is not a typo; stop calling my party the “Democrat”, which ends with rat, party and maybe I’ll stop calling you thugs.) But then life […]

Ten Days —

Every time I walk into my apartment, I hope for two things: 1) my ex and his mother will no longer be here or 2) if they are present, he’s in the computer room and she’s in his room. The thing I hate the most about my current situation is my lack of isolation.  Often, […]

It Would Be So Easy —

It would be so easy to just let it go.  I could pretend I was okay with the situation, that I believed everything would be fine, that our lives would be back to normal in less than six months. It would be so easy to forgive and try to forget, just ignore the glaring mistake […]

Drama On My Couch —

I am currently living in a situation no one hopes to find themselves: my boyfriend’s mother is staying in our apartment & I am none too happy about it. One might ask: How could this happen?  I’ll tell you. Lately my boyfriend had, here and there, spoken off handily about the stress in his life, […]

When It’s Easy to Be Ignorant —

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the issue of putting gay marriage/partnerships to a vote. People can’t understand why, when you poll folks one month they are for equality for gays, but then the next month it’s voted down. Today I read an article in Newsweek, suggesting maybe it is the portrayal of gay characters in […]

Crush —

Yes, it is 2am. No, I do not have tomorrow off and am thereby sacrificing sleep to write this post. Why, you might ask? Because, in yet another reason why I want to loose weight, there is this chic at work I seriously want to bone. No, I shouldn’t call her a chic, especially because […]