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Grateful, Nice Edition —

I sat at the kitchen island, my latest Santa hat beginning to take shape.  As everyone began to form a circle, I put my project away, stood, and held hands with a brother on each side.  My older brother, in whose house we all stood, was on my right; he said the blessing. After his prayer, I took up […]

Beautiful —

I didn’t understand it, I didn’t truly see it, until I saw her. She was taller than me.  Her skin was darker than mine.  She was bigger than me, probably a few dress sizes larger.  But her body shape was the same as mine.  And she wore a dress like one I own. As she […]

Atrophy —

Since I adopted a new writing goal for this blog, I’ve found myself wondering if I made the right decision. Since I am not expected to have new content everyday, I’ve given myself an easy out, settling for less than my potentional. In fact, I’ve not been good about posting every other day like I […]

Three to the Third —

I may never forget his birthday. I love numbers, always have, and as soon as he told me his birthday, I smiled and said, “Oh, cool; three to the third.” He smiled at the nerdy way my brain had branded the date into my memory. Now, having not seen or spoken to him in months, […]

A Little Motivation —

So I was in my car, driving from a gig to my house, listening to NPR the other day. I was only a minute or two away from home when a local news segment came on. The feature: decision day for medical school students. This was the day when they all learned at what hospital […]

Fuck You Knowledge —

I get sad. It’s not for any real medical reason, but every time the seasons change I go into a funk. My general mood drops to bleh, and I find myself not wanting to do anything but plant my ass on the couch, alternating between watching NetFlix and sleep. I know the things I should […]

Why? —

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately, mostly because of a friend’s influence, although Doc has been encouraging it as well. In regards to my theatrical career, there is one person who I believe owes most of the credit for my current circumstance: Mr. David Kriebs. He was the Production Manager for the […]

The Un-Boyfriend —

I stopped looking. I stopped trying.  I have barely touched my OKCupid profile, answered messages, or tried to hookup with anyone since meeting OKC boy. It came to me last night, as I snuggled up in bed, reading a blog before my eyelids shut for the evening: OKC boy is the perfect un-boyfriend. We have had three […]

The Plan —

I took my own advice the other day. I had time to kill during a gig, so I sat and thought about what I wanted from my life. What I wanted from my career. What I wanted in love. I wrote down two goals for five years from now. I thought about them, let them […]

The Upside to Amputation —

“I know this is hard, and you can totally tell me to fuck off, but can you see an upside to this revelation?” – Doc“Well, yes. I invested a lot of emotional energy their way, so now that I’ve accepted that the fantasy in my head won’t happen, I can invest most of that emotional […]