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1.26.17 Napping Failure —

~ a poem ~ Lying in bed, mind racing, worrying about work; napping failure. Thoughts drift aimlessly; trying to quiet my mind, I turn to dark dreams. My fantasy: their lips on my naked body, their hands everywhere. Dirty talk, requests and demands. I oblige all. I am their fuck toy. They fill me, push […]

1.18.17 In Another Universe 2 —

Live from Washington D.C., I’m Poetic Desires. President-elect Clinton and her aids continue to lay out their agenda plans for their incoming administration’s first 100 days. Commerce Secretary Elizabeth Warren, in a press conference following the Senate’s vote to confirm their former colleague, announced plans to greatly expand the United States’ use of solar energy. […]

1.17.17 In Another Universe —

“Live from Washington, D.C., I’m Poetic Desires. President-elect Clinton continues to urge the Senate to accelerate the pace of cabinet confirmation hearings. Her Secretary of State nominee, current Vice President Joe Biden, is set to appear on Thursday, the day before Mrs. Clinton’s inauguration. The new President’s national security team has had their sessions, but […]

1.15.17 My Fantasy Man —

~ who I see when I’m cuming ~ I dreamed you up one day to soothe my aching heart. You are the man who loves me, charms me, tames me, and trains me. You are the man I want and need most. I call you Daddy because that’s what I want. Protector, by my side, […]

1.14.17 The Wannabe Busker —

~ thoughts from a character ~ How many big stories can you tell? I’ve got lots. Comes from growing up the way I did, with the people I did, and living the life I do. I’m a special fucking snowflake. Most of my stories are full of shit. They’re real, but consist mostly of all […]

1.13.17 Loss Of Control —

~ a nightmare from my fucked up subconscious ~ [trigger warning for a depiction of kidnapping and rape] I woke up cold, in a cave, wet, with sand on my extremities and my face. I wore a ripped long nightshirt and nothing else. I was dazed, disoriented, and confused. My hands were cuffed and attached to […]

1.12.17 My Sense Of You —

~ a poem ~ You smell like oranges, rinds ripped, zest tingling, bright and peppy and alive. You taste like candy, savory and sweet; I wanna gobble you up. You sound like sex, but, then again, you always do, whether it’s your moaning now or the way you pronounce my name. You feel like heaven […]

1.11.17 I Miss You —

~ a poem ~ Your hair is shorter. I guess you got it cut this past weekend. Before your bangs shaded your eyes. Now I see them as you pass by. You never look at me in the halls. You don’t really look at anyone, actually, but it feels like you’re intentionally not looking at […]

1.9.17 Spelling Out Goodbye —

~ a poem ~ All I ask Before you leave, Calling it quits on us, Divorcing our lives Ever after, is please Forgive me. Grant me peace. Help me to move on from you In a way that will matter, that will last. Just the words will do, Kindness shown in this moment, a Last […]

1.5.17 The After Glow —

~ a poem ~ My body misses you. Hips move, the shadow of your crotch against my ass, Arms hug my chest, pretending to be yours, Lips still warm from your last kiss, My body remembers. My body misses you. Writhing under the sheets, Nipples tickled, yearning for your touch, Coos ready to form, My […]