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Breakthrough —

Gopālganj “I just wanted to say thank you for creating the bamboo rig and encouraging people to play on it. That was the first time I’d self suspended at an event in a year. I’d had an incident before which left me skittish. That tie felt like a breakthrough for me. So, thank you.” – Monday […]

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Flying —

I was nervous to ask the question, but, like many things in my life, I did it anyway. “Hey, you still need a bottom for your afternoon classes?” The first class we attended was Newaza to Fly. It was a large class. The instructors, the DV8 crew, encouraged people to double up on frames. What […]

A Good Friend —

Connection. Appreciation. Care. Love. Watching WykD_Dave & Clover play Sunday night in a small side room of the dungeon was so powerful, so moving, I started crying. Seeing what they had. Remembering what I didn’t. Quickly and quietly, I slipped out of the space, grabbed a tissue from the rest room, and re-entered, taking my […]

Touched —

There were two moments that struck me during Graydancer’s Cabaret. And they just happened to be during back-to-back performances. As DoNotGoGently slowly walked towards the stage, I at first admired the rope work on her body. With lines hanging off her shoulders, as well as by her hips, the intricacy of the rope-as-clothing was beautiful. […]