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Dollars and Cents —

Having lots of time to burn Saturday, I found myself pouring over my planner. In it, I list every transaction I’ve made using my debit card, all the bills I’ve paid, any cash I take out of the ATM, and precise information about my gas consumption (down to calculating my mpg after each fill up). […]

Yuppie Representing —

Last night I was completely geeked out to go see the This American Life live show, beamed to 430 movie theatres around the country. TAL, for those not in the know, is a radio show broadcast every week on your local public radio station. It features stories about everyday people and their experiences, fictional pieces, […]

Reassurance —

It is what I need more than anything. I feel comfortable saying this here because, well, this is just a box and only reflects my life as much as I’m willing to reveal. I’m a needy person. I’m clingy. I’m emotional. And my distemper as of late has centered around the idea of reassurance. When […]

Educational Benefits —

Though it did not make the top ten, my college was named by Playboy as one of the top 25 party schools in the country.Really? I didn’t have that much fun.Now I feel a little cheated.

Burning the House Down —

I overreact, especially when it comes to anything going on with my SO and I. I know this. And because I know this, I try to not rush to judgment on us. I try. But, I just don’t know if we are going to have a “happily ever after.” And before you think I am […]

"…that was the end of my possum career." —

I was reading nytimes.com today and came across an article featuring stories from people who were alive during the Depression.I love the first one. I thought I should share it and the other tales about a time much worse than ours. Making Ends Meet in the Great Depression

Self Analysis —

I think my biggest problem about my weight in my mindset. I ate my way into this problem. I keep thinking I can just eat my way out of it. But it doesn’t work that way. That I know logically. But getting myself to consistently wake up in the morning to work out or going […]