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A Whole Lot of Suck —

In case you haven’t heard about this vomit inducing incident, read on to learn how two girls, suspected of being lesbians, were expelled from their Lutheran High School based on the precedent of the Boy Scouts case. Really, I sometimes wonder if people are even human. Thanks to @aplusk for this saddening story.

Fake IMAX —

Did you know that some movie theaters are claiming to have IMAX showings, charging an extra $5, and not telling people the whole truth. Read on to hear the story of Tom from Parks and Recreation when he drove out of his way to see an “IMAX” showing of Star Trek. Aziz is angry.

Sometimes I’m Sad —

I suppose anyone can write this post. I suppose someone else has already written this post. Today, I woke up sad, and it hasn’t changed much as the day has progressed. I’m all alone in my office with repetitive, mind numbing work to do. Don’t get me wrong; I am VERY thankful for my job. […]

Maine Makes 5! —

Today, Maine became the fifth state to allow gay marriage. View a full story by USAToday here.

Guilty Pleasure —

As my friends know, and you will now as well, my biggest guilty pleasure is sugary sweet Pop music. I don’t buy a lot of it (if you don’t count Christina, Backstreet and N’Sync back when I was younger), but I listen to it a lot, especially on Pandora when I’m at work. So, from […]

Subprime Animated —

I received this link from one of my NPR daily updates. Yes, I know I’m a nerd. I liked this so much, though, I just had to share it. It is amazing and I found myself watching it more than once. Its simplicity is what makes it perfect, though it’s obvious it took a lot […]