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Greta Garbo Moment

Sometimes it is the simplest answer possible and I need to accept that.

My SO said they wanted to be alone. That was it. They wanted to be alone. My SO didn’t want to talk to anyone, didn’t want to interact with anyone. They just wanted to be alone, in their own head, and though I would have preferred more notice and a splish splash of further explanation, sometimes a situation “is what it is.” (I hate that line, by the way.)

We had a lengthy conversation in a public parking garage before we were going to see “Up”. We didn’t see the movie, not because of the conversation, but because of bad timing. We didn’t check movie times before we had dinner and lazed around the shopping area. Instead our night ended while watching “Role Models”, rented from Blockbuster.

There were tears, but I always cry when something emotional happens, good or bad. I asked my SO what was the nature of Tuesday’s request. My SO said, “I just wanted to be alone.” I asked for further explanation. My SO got frustrated. It was hard for my SO to understand that, with no further explanation, it’s hard for me to take things at face value.

This situation has not come up before. My SO, when I was trying to explain why I was upset, cited their mother calling, understanding the situation, and immediately ending the conversation. I then explained their mother had obviously had this situation happen before, where as I had not. Now that I know, should this happen again, I’ll understand it is just my SO wanting some time alone, instead of jumping to conclusions because I am left wanting more information.

So yeah, crisis averted, though not for lack of anxiety and anger.

I know I tend to think too much and assume the worst, but one or two more sentences to explain the situation is all I need sometimes. Just give me a little more and I’ll be fine.

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