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I’d Vote For This

Barney Frank Introduces Marijuana Bill

He wants to remove criminal penalties for possession less than 100 grams and only a $100 fine for public use of the substance.

To me, being a clear minded liberal who sees that almost half of drug related arrests and imprisonments are due to pot, I see this as fair, reasonable, and downright necessary in easing the burden of our justice system. But that’s me.

Lets see which tobacco farming, alcohol distilling state will dust off it’s copy of “Reefer Mania.”

Thanks to @ComedyCentral & @theindecider for the link.

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  1. Allison says:

    Massachusetts voters approved this – seems to be a decent compromise.

    Personally, I’d rather live next door to a guy who smokes a joint once in a while than a violent felon let out early to make room for the mandatory minimum folks.