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It’s Official —

We are now cohabiting. This past week has been a sweaty, long, humid affair. We had to move all of my crap out of the 1BR into the 2BR w/ a Family Room. Granted the two buildings are about 500-750ft apart, but half of the trek was on grass. Not fun. Besides hauling way too […]

The Race Question —

I get it. I understand why people often ask me what my race is. But today, I wasn’t in the mood. My SO and I woke up late this morning. I didn’t get to brush my teeth or fix my hair before we hurried out the door. He was late. I was running late. This […]

The Work Is Far From Over —

Lawyer’s Statement on the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Henry Louis “Skip” Gates arrested outside his home Harvard professor Gates arrested at Cambridge home On July 16th, at 12:44p, a black man was arrested for trying to enter his own house. No one would know about this incident if that man had not been […]

White Privilege —

I read a piece on white privilege, recommended by Melissa Harris-Lacewell. Passing it along to the world at large. White Privilege. I benefit. Do you? Very thoughtful and thought provoking.

White Men Built This Country? —

I love MSNBC. Actually, no, that is not a fair characterization. I love Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. In all honesty, they are the only two shows on the station I watch. I love them for their coverage of political news with a liberal slant, but always honest, thoughtful, and FACTUAL information and commentary. Having […]

Browncoat Jealousy —

A Serenity cake. The Firefly geek in me loves this. It was a 40th Birthday cake created by the amazing team at Charm City Cakes. Read the person’s story and see more pictures at the links here & here. Thx to @popcandy & the Ace of Cakes website for the links.

Senate May Vote on DADT Tomorrow —

According to the The Daily Beast, Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand, the freshman New York Democrat who replaced Hillary Clinton, may introduce an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill tomorrow to put an 18-month moratorium on dismissing gay service members from the military under the Pentagon’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. This is what we’ve been asking […]

Obama Names New Surgeon General —

President Obama named Regina Benjamin, a female African American family practitioner from Alabama, as our nation’s new surgeon general. Link to full USAToday article here.

Battling My Little Haters —

Everyone has a voice in their head, commenting on their work, giving alternate, and often negative, perspectives on what you’re doing. This voice is the opposite of constructive criticism and generally puts you in a less than productive mood. This voice, named by Jay Smooth of The Ill Doctrine, is “The Little Hater.” Everyone’s little […]

It Happened in 5th Grade —

Linked is an article by Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Racism at the Pool and a USAToday article for background. In her article, Harris-Lacewell speaks on both the recent incident that took place near Philadelphia, and the fact that every person of color will face at least once in their life a similar situation. For me, I was […]