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This morning Dick Armey, former lobbyist for DLA Piper (a Washington law office) and current chairman of FreedomWorks (a conservative organization dedicated to advancing an agenda of “lower taxes, less government, and more freedom”), was interviewed on NPR by Steve Innskeep during Morning Edition. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of my morning nap (before work) […]

Part 2: Definitions —

I’ve gone back to reading the info dump from this Monday. Here is some stuff I found interesting. DoJ Legal Analysis 1- pg. 16 point 36: CIA’s OGC (Office of General Counsel) sought guidance from DoJ regarding the legal bounds of EITs vis-a-vis individuals detained. The ensuing legal opinions focus on the Convention Against Torture […]

And the Hits Just Keep Coming —

After yesterday’s information dump concerning the CIA & torture, I decided to spend some time reading the material released to the public. The following will be the highlights I’d like to share. Special Review: CIA – Office of the Inspector GeneralCounterterrorism Detention & Interrogation ActivitiesSeptember 2001 – October 2003 Summary 1- pg. 4 point 7: […]

The Story I Never Heard —

Back in June of this year, a nine year old girl and her father were murdered. Her mother, wounded, was able to shoot back at the attackers. When I learned this, I asked myself, “Why have I not heard about this story before?” Easy answer: Another man was killed during that same time, by a […]

Before, During & After —

So yeah, I cut my hair. I do it every four years, but I’ve never had it this short, at least not since birth. It’s funny, I can’t stop touching my hair now. And my SO loves it, too. The braid will be on it’s way to Locks of Love tomorrow. Hopefully this will help […]

I’m An Aunt Bitches!!! —

If you have any intelligence at all, you can deduce from the title of this blog that I am over the hill ecstatic that my BFF (yes, I used the acronym, wanna fight about it?) gave birth this weekend. And by this weekend, I mean the ENTIRE weekend. Okay, not quite, but it felt like […]

Photos from work yesterday —

We worked an event many hours away from home, but it was worth it. The views were awe inspiring. The setting, amazing. I would love to be wed here. I can’t afford it, but still… I most always love what people can do at these events: beautiful & fun. Now that I have a card […]

Stepping Into the Fray —

Monday I attempted to attend Sen. Ben Cardin’s town hall meeting on the campus of Towson University. When I arrived, I soon found around 2000 people were there before me. I knew instantly I would not get in. I had already planned on recording my experience through photos and audio. Since I was not going […]

Almost There —

So I just finished editing all of my audio into manageable sound bites. I’ve been using the notes I took earlier to help. My entire day has been about trying to tell this story well. I hope, when I write my blog tomorrow (though to warn you, it may be in multiple parts over a […]

Testing My Links —

After four tries, (YES, FOUR DIFFERENT WEBSITES!) I think I finally found a site I can use to link all my audio files from the protest to my blog. This post is a tester. If all works well, the link below will be a 30 second clip of myself at work before I head out […]