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He Did Well

Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch our President give a speech about healthcare reform.

Many people will analyze it, going over each sentence with a fine tooth comb. I, however, am not one of those people.

Instead, I thought I’d post my Tweets from the event. I sat on my couch, furiously typing away, completely taken hold of by the event. Included are a few colorful comments from my SO, who sat and watched with me.

– Michelle’s face: “Mmm hmm, ya’ll clapping for him now, but let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.”

– A woman and a black man in two seats of power; nice to see, even if under these circumstances. #speech999

– Starting with the economy; good way to base #HCR in the necessities of today. #Speech999

– SO: “Kerry looks like Herman Munster.” #Speech999

– “I am not the first Pres. to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.” #Speech999

– John Dingle, example of “good” nepotism? #Speech999

– Pre-existing conditions exclusion from HC = ME #Speech999

– 14,000 Americans daily loose coverage #Speech999

– True HC stories, bout damn time! #Speech999

– Michelle face: “Get ’em, Barry. Preach truth to fools.” #Speech999

– “Our HC problem is our deficit problem.” #Speech999

– Single payer ain’t happening, but you got the shot out anyway. #Speech999

– Calling the far right to the carpet. Go Barry, Go! #Speech999

– Boehner face: “Crap, he’s doing well.” #Speech999

– “It will be against the law for Ins. companies to deny you coverage for a preexisting condition.” Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! #Speech999

– Limit on out of pocket expenses; can’t drop you if you get sick. Keep it coming Mr. President. #Speech999

– explaining the nuts and bolts of the public option; you get what Congress gets #Speech999

– FOUR YEARS! for the exchange; low cost plans now for those who can’t afford it #Speech999

– You HAVE to have health Ins., businesses and healthy people alike #Speech999

– Here we go; time for the death panels, abortion, & VA #Speech999

– “It is a lie, plan and simple.” #Speech999

– All the Dems stood up for airing out the lies; All the Reps kept seated; Somebody had the nerve to call out. WTF #Speech999

– “Consumers do better when there is choice & competition.” “In AL, Ins. controlled by ONE company.” #Speech999

– Ins. companies are rewarded for dropping the seriously ill; Wall Street’s relentless profit expectations. #Speech999

– SO in response to person who keeps shouting out: “He looks like he wants to jump out in that crowd.” #Speech999

– Public option: less than 5% of Americans would sign up #Speech999

– Public option: only one part of my plan #Speech999

– RT @chrislhayes Can we add “douchers” along w/ birthers and deathers to describe the GOP house members who just booed illegal immigrants?

– “If Amer.s can’t find affordable coverage, we will provide you with a choice.” No gov. or Ins. bureaucrat get btwn you & care. #Speech999

– “I will not sign a plan that will add one dime to our deficits or our future.” #Speech999

– Provision in plan to come up with more spending cuts if the savings we promise don’t happen. #Speech999

– OMG! Eric Cantor is fucking TWITTERING! Somebody slap him, now! #Speech999

– “Not a dollar of the Medicare trust fund will be used to pay for this plan.” #Speech999

– Calling out Medicare Part D, another time the Ins. industry screwed the people. #Speech999

– “I will protect Medicare.” #Speech999

– Repubs not even stand up for protecting Medicare. #Speech999

– Seriously, Repubs need to have a good ass slapping or at least a lesson in manners. #Speech999

– Centrist Obama: will move forward to help curb malpractice claims #Speech999

– SO on Repubs: Those guys just look sleazy. #Speech999

– My door is open, but I will not waste time with those who want to kill this bill. #Speech999

– “I will not accept the status quo as a solution, not now.” #Speech999

– “We cannot fail. There are too many Americans who need us to succeed.” #Speech999

– Ted Kennedy, from beyond. #Speech999

– “What we face, above all, is a moral issue.” – Ted Kennedy letter, echoing his brother JFK #Speech999

– Talking about Teddy finally got people to shut up. #Speech999

– “When fortune turns against one of us, another is there to give a helping hand.” #Speech999

– Social Security & Medicare, branded the same way #HCR has been branded now. #Speech999

– stop the hate; communicate #Speech999

– “We did not come here to fear the future; we came to shape it. I still believe we can act, even when it’s hard.” #Speech999

– New slogan for reform: “I still believe.” #Speech999

– SO: tase him, bro! RT @jsmooth995 yep, Rep. Joe Wilson totally should get censured for that heckling tonight. And by censured I mean tased.

– Maddow: end of speech a defense of liberalism #Speech999

– Repub rebuttal: a heart surgeon from LA #Speech999

– Rep. Charles Boustany talking about affording reform and debt. #Speech999

– wants to start over; ain’t gonna happen! #Speech999

– somebody please heckle this guy, please! #Repubresponse

– SO: Didn’t the President just say everything he suggested? #Repubresponse

– he’s stumbling; WOW, he just threw out a website; this is so pedestrian #Repubresponse

– Olberman: Rep. Boustany has been sued for malpractice three times #Repubresponse

– @Cecilyk RT @markknoller AP reporting was SC Repub Joe Wilson who shouted “You lie!” after Obama said no HC for illegal immigrants.

– RT @jeremyscahill Lord Bustany–er, oops.

– RT @ezraklein RT @bmockaveli LA has the worst health & economic indexes of any state yet Republicans contin. to run responses f/ that state

– RT @bugsact SC has been embarrassed enough by Gov Sandford.2 have their representatives acting a fool n DC is too much 4 one state to bear!

– ME: The only thing I like that’s came out of SC is Stephen Colbert. SO: And BBQ.

– I love him, but that’s what he should’ve been doing all along. RT @blurb Love how he’s strongly supporting and explaining the public option.

– RT @jsmooth995 (for the record I don’t actually endorse tasing or any other form of violence, except in their proper place, rap lyrics)

– SO on Rep. Wilson: That was in poor taste, there, Representative.

– RT @Cecilyk RT @JuliaRoberts1 Tell Rep. Joe Wilson what you think about heckling POTUS: call 202-225-2452 or http://joewilson.house.gov

– SO tried to call Rep. Wilson twice; busy signal both times. I love the internet.

– On Rep. Wilson – SO: If I were to call him tomorrow and call him white trash… ME: Go ahead! SO: Peckerwood.

– Olbermann: Is bipartisanship feasible when Rep. Wilson can heckle POTUS f/ the safety of the crowd?

– Joe Wilson already is a Trending Topic on Twitter; you fuck up, we’ll call you out! Seriously, people voted for you. Act like an adult.

– RT @Geniusbastard RT @cyn3matic Dem Rob Miller, who will challenge Joe “You Lie” Wilson in 2010 http://is.gd/35Mqe || I just gave him $25.

– RT @Geniusbastard RT @davidshuster Senator John McCain already saying that Rep Wilson should apologize “immediately.” That’s from the AP.

– RT @WestWingReport Photo of the Night: “You lie!” http://bit.ly/2VBhr

– @questlove Pres. did very well, but (unfortunately) the big story is Rep Joe Wilson (SC) who yelled out “Liar!” when the Pres. spoke

– @questlove Pres. was able to debunk rumors, say what he wanted in the bill, appeal to the right, & invoke Sen. Kennedy; he was amazing

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