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Resist The Urge To Turn Pussy —

Congressional Democrats, the shit we all saw coming has finally arrived. Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts today and will soon be the new junior Senator, thereby extinguishing your paper thin filibuster proof majority. Now, I know there are some of you who will see this as a reason to stop pushing for […]

Man Up Or Shut Up —

I am so sick and tired of people putting all this importance and pressure on the Massachusetts Senate race. Face it DNC: you fucked up. You chose the wrong candidate for the position, didn’t realize her level of unawares about the most basic of Boston knowledge (namely that Kurt Schilling is NOT a Yankee fan), […]

The Difference Between Sex & Love —

My yesterday was pretty amazing; I spent it with a budding friend, in her extremely cool house, chatting with her hot roommate. But the after math of an emotional break through I had has given me a headache all day. So maybe if I write about it, the headache will go away. One of my […]

She Lives —

I’m sorry, my few though quite loyal, followers for my absence. Damn, I missed the entire month of December. The 30+ days I’ve spent, sans blog, were a mixture of awesome and awful. I was at times angry or overjoyed, calm or worried, okay or not okay. Today, though, I’m good. It took the entire […]