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Letter To My Senator —

Recently a letter has been floating around the Senate. It’s a pledge to pass the Public Option through budget reconciliation, a Parliamentary maneuver and way to bypass filibusters. It is the way CHIP (The Children’s Health Insurance Program) & COBRA (what I now have) were passed, along with FIVE Bush era tax cuts and multiple […]

The Bill Bomb —

The Rachel Maddow Show, in order to raise awareness, interest, and passion for the legislative process, is currently running an online contest, asking viewers to re-brand the filibuster, because, as she notes, it’s just so boring. Here is my entry, along with a link so you can vote for it, or any other suggestions you […]

Don’t Go See LEGION —

My synopsis: It’s porn for the religious right.My SO’s: Guns, religion, and the black people die. I guess this is when I should throw in a spoiler alert warning, because I will talk about plot points and give away most, if not all, of the movie. Why? In hopes I can save at least one […]