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Ten Days

Every time I walk into my apartment, I hope for two things: 1) my ex and his mother will no longer be here or 2) if they are present, he’s in the computer room and she’s in his room.

The thing I hate the most about my current situation is my lack of isolation.  Often, when I come home, all I want is to be alone.  I miss being able to sit on my couch, watch my stupid recorded television shows, and not be disturbed, especially by people I don’t want to be around.

I walked into the apartment about five minutes ago and once again the both of them were sitting on my couch, watching my TV, and the rage washed over me again.  And, like clockwork, I grabbed something (this time the computer) and rushed to the master bedroom.

This feels like long, slow torture.  And every time I walk through my front door, I debate whether or not I should just stay away.  I’ve had offers from friends and family for me crash with them until the 15th, the first day of my new lease.  But I always decline, because he may have moved her in, but he won’t push me out.

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