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An Update

My few but loyal followers, I do apologize for my long absence. Life, and my lack of Internet, have gotten in the way of blogging. Even now, I’m writing this on my iPhone, my current consistent source for the web. Unfortunately, this is how I will have to blog again.

So much has happened these past few months. A brief synopsis:

– I’m living alone, truly alone, for the first time in my life. The benefits outweigh the suckage.

– I went to sex camp this past September and now feel like I have opened up again. I didn’t realize how much I had shut down my sex drive and inhibited myself to my thoughts and desires. I have come to fully accept all my wants and needs, no matter the place or time. The fun/torturous part is trying to not bounce off the walls because of my increased libido; all I want to do is play.

– I work so much more now, just so I can make enough money to go to other events. I’m just a horny little slut and am loving every minute of it.

– I’ve seen the Ex since the breakup. I think he’s having trouble dealing with his emotions. It’s almost as if he’s a petulant child who can’t deal with not getting his way. And, unfortunately, I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

– I joined a dodgeball league in an effort to spend time with my friends, have some fun, and get in a workout.

– Also, I’ve been riding my bike to work, when I can. Since I moved into the apartment, I’ve lost fifteen pounds. Amazing what healthier eating and a little exercise can do.

So there, I’ve brought you up to date on my life. And I hope to get back to my blogging ways.


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