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Monday, briefly


I arranged to meet Mister Sean, a man I met in passing during camp, at a seafood restaurant near where he lives. I was in the mood for raw oysters.

After our meal and extensive conversation, in which he teased me mercilessly, we headed back to his home. I must say, I am so jealous of his domicile. It is a shinning example of how adults live: large living room, large television, excellent back yard with a covered back porch, and, the best part, a dungeon I didn’t want to leave.

Once at his home, we breezed through photos of the party he and his partner, xoel, held the night before. I hope to make their next get together, whenever that may be. In the photos, I noticed one person in particular. I made a mental note to ask about him later.

Soon we stopped beating around the bush and started playing. He asked me to kneel down on the floor. He cuffed my hands and told me to undress and place my clothes on the chair in the corner. When I no longer could, due to the cuffs, he unlocked them and I finished. He watched as I did this. I took care to fold my clothes as best I could.

He put a ball gag on me, explaining his safeword system and what I should do in case something went wrong.

Once again in the kneeling position, this time my face on the floor, he moved a different chair over and had me sit in it. Securing my legs and arms with straps, he proceeded to put me in precarious circumstances. Securing clips to my vaginal lips, he then ran string from the clips, around my big toes, and back to the clips.

“You know what happens if you move your toes.”

He then moved onto my nipples, which he also ran string through, this time looping around the back of the chair and hooking to my nostrils.

“You know what happens if you move your head.”

But just as he was finishing adjusting the lines, a severe cramp raced through my right calf. He freed my leg and tried to massage it away, but not one minute back into place, the cramp crept to my thigh. That was it for the chair. He informed me I would pay for interrupting the scene later.

Back kneeling on the floor, new gag in because I kept pushing the previous one out with my teeth, he buckled manacles to my hands and clipped them above my head. He smacked my face and pulled a hood over it. That’s when the stings began, sharp and painful. First he went after my breasts, traded back and forth which one he would hurt. Then he started hitting my thighs, my arms, then back to my breasts. I think he even got in a few shots on my feet and a few on my vag. In a final flourish, he just kept going back and forth on my breasts, to when I finally had to call out a slow down.

Removing the gag, I breathlessly moaned I just needed a minute.

Putting what had been a small metal object away, he pulled out a roll of cellophane and ripped off a small piece. He slowly walked over and placed the plastic over my face. It took only a moment before I started to squirm. He held me for a few seconds, then pulled away the cellophane so I could breath. He did this another half dozen times. Once, I had finally learned to push out all my breath and hold it, calm and still with his hand over my face. I, in fact, held it so long, he thought I was breathing. But just a few seconds after his statement, I wriggled to try to get away again.

Finished with the cellophane, he grabbed me by my wrist and drew my body against his, the first time he’d been so close since the scene had started. He turned my face to his and kissed me. He spanked me once, twice. Then he whispered in my ear, “I’ve been wanting to play with your ass.” He scratched me up and down my back. His hand reached down to my clit and he felt how wet I was. “You are so wet. You’re such a dirty little slut. When did I start making you wet, you dirty little slut? When? When? Answer me.”

“When I first saw you outside the restaurant,” I said.

The hood went back on and he told me, “Spread open your cunt.” I heard the buzz of the Hitachi and tried to move my legs apart. I felt the vibrator between my legs, but he couldn’t get to my clit. “I told you to spread open your cunt.” I tried moving my legs apart. “Oh no, too late now.” I felt him wrap manacles around my ankles and heard the click of the spreader bar. “Next time you’ll spread your cunt open when I tell you to.”

He once again went at my clit with the Hitachi. This time he found it easily. I leaned into the vibrator and could feel my body reacting.

“Don’t you cum. No one comes in this dungeon without permission.”

I began to squirm away. I tried to get away from the pleasure. I tried to hold back. I felt him push me back onto his large X/cross. With a belt around my torso and a belt around my hips, he held me place. He again used the Hitachi. I tried to squirm out; it was torturous holding back my body’s reaction.

He turned the vibrator off and rested on the futon for a moment.

“Sir, my hands are turning numb.”

“Don’t call me Sir.”

“I’m sorry, what should I call you?”

“What’s my name?”

“Mister Sean. Sorry, Si…Mister Sean.”

He released my hands from the manacles. Pins and needles set in. He let me stand and rest for a few minutes. He then unbelted me from the X and I knealt once again. After a moment, he led me to the swing. “Bet you can guess what we’re going to do next.” He eased my ankles into the hanging stirrups. He put on some rubber gloves and sat on a stool in front of my very open vagina. He handed me the Hitachi.

“Use your toy if you want to.”

He slipped his fingers in. He worked in slowly. He used more fingers. He went deeper. I had already started to moan loudly. I finally started to use te vibrator.

“You can cum.”

I came, long and hard. I cried. He stopped when he saw. I explained it was a good thing. He did it again. I continued to cry. He kept going til I could take no more. He got his entire fist in.

Afterwards, he gave me a bottle of water to sip. He said that was enough for our first playdate. He helped me out of the swing. He wrapped me in a soft comforter and sat me on the futon. Xoel, his partner, came home.

We all chatted. I asked about the man in the photos, Mr Black Beard. I was disappointed when didn’t come over. I decided I would say hi later.

Mister Sean was tired. Xoel was hungry. He went to bed. We got sushi. She covered for me. I listened to her stories. I liked her facial expressions. The food was delicious. We walked back to the house. I hugged her bye.

So much for “briefly”.

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