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Archive for June, 2011

Acceptance —

Tonight I had a panic attack. In my car, on my way to my gig, my heart raced; panic and dread and fear grappled through my body. But still, I kept driving. I’m nothing if not reliable, especially when it comes to work. I know, specifically, why I loathed going to my Load Out: PTSD. […]

I Forget —

I forget that I’m awesome. I forget people notice my awesomeness. I forget how awesome it feels to be around people who acknowledge my awesomeness and are, themselves, awesome. I forget I’m not the only one in pain. I forget other people have problems, pasts with similar emotional landscapes, and have the same insights on […]

I’m Trying —

I’m trying to not be annoyed. I understand the circumstances of the situation, even though the action was completely unnecessary. I get it; just to me, that was very dumb. I’m trying to not be jealous, even though, once again it feels like I’m an after thought. In fact, this time, it feels like I […]