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Belated Highlights

Okay, I know I’m suppose to be posting my DO:F 2011 entries, but they are proving difficult to write.  One, A LOT happened.  Two, it’s hard to find the time to write it all down.  And three, bringing myself back to those moments is not always easy after a long day and/or night of work.  I am trying, though.

In the interim, I felt it necessary to post a little about the awesomeness that was my 28th birthday and the party my roommates and I threw.  By far, this was the best birthday party I’ve ever had.  Like DO:F, I will not give you every detail.  Like the title said, this is the highlight reel.

– Mother Nature has a sense of humor
Okay, this is silly beyond reproach.  One of my favorite moments of the entire day was helping my roommate DeepEnd with our pools.  Yes, we have two.  To be fair, one is a rather large kiddie pool.  The other is an 18′ inflatable.  And yes, they do make them that big. 

The best part of the pool maintenance was the pouring rain that came down as he tried inflating the small pool and as we both tried to clean it of the baby oil from camp (yes, baby oil; that will be in Saturday’s post).  I couldn’t help but laugh loudly into the cacophony of rain drops streaming down.  Dressed in just boxer shorts and an undershirt, it didn’t take long for me to look like I’d been in the shower.  It really is the simplest things that make one happy.

– Worlds colliding
So I invited people from all the parts of my life.  My best friend and her husband came by, as well as select work friends, and of course my large kinky family.  To have so many people I know, but who don’t know each other, mixing and mingling and liking one another was the most pleasant of surprises.

– Alcohol
Holy shit, did our bar get stocked.  I was given a bottle of Captain Morgan, a bottle of Stoli vodka.  I received two bottles of champagne and a bottle of Godiva Chocolate liquor.  But the party was truly started by the bottle of Patron, from which we took many shots.

– Cake
Initially a kinky friend was going to come by with cupcakes.  She, however, flaked.  Without my knowledge, my roommates ran out and bought a sheet cake.  FlapJackSlim wrote my name in icing.  We gathered everyone and DeepEnd walked out the huge cake with many lit candles.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I blew out the candles, making my wish.

– Presents
I was so worried about the party, it didn’t occur to me I would get presents.  RockStarIsis gave me a singing card that noted she was going to pay for my Harry Potter midnight showing ticket.  Among my other gifts, I received a candlestick holder, yarn, small crochet hooks, and a bag for holding my small craft pieces.  Also, the entire house received seven water guns.  SkinnyBitch, in true form, noted, “If any of you get my hair wet, I will kill you in your sleep.”

– Birthday Licks
Given the number of kinky people in attendance, I expected my ass to be on fire all night.  But, somehow, everyone ended up in the Sun Room and it was decided it was time for my birthday licks.  And, I’m not quite sure how, but it was also decided everyone was to get one hit.  I took off my black boxers, the only real article of clothing I still wore besides my black tie, and used a chair to prop my ass properly.  Among the ways people chose to hit: normal spanking motion, a running start to a spank, and a leather belt. 

But, by far, my favorite was the hockey stick.  DeepEnd reserved the rights to numbers 28 and the one for good luck.  He brought in the stick to the ooos and ughs of those in attendance.  I jumped up and down with glee. 

As I was bent over in anticipation, he asked me at what level I wanted the hit.  The last time we played he hit me at 40%, so I asked for 50%.  Given plenty of room, he started with a few practice swings.  Then he counted down, 1, 2, 3HIT!  I absorbed the force of the blow, rolling up on my toes, and then settling back down in the heat of his stroke.  Ready for another, he again began with his practice swings, then 1, 2, 3HIT!  Once again, I rolled up on my toes, taking in the feeling of his fiberglass.  Settling back on my feet, I was elated.  We hugged, him wishing me Happy Birthday again.

– Moment
“I don’t know what we are, but you mean a lot to me.”

“You mean a lot to me, too.”

– Pool Time
I don’t quite remember when or how, but there was about five minutes of fun in the pool.  Then DeepEnd realized it was almost midnight and we didn’t want to have our neighbors be pissed at us.

– Dancing
Hot people & good music; there had to be stripping.  I recreated my strip routine from Studio 54, for those who did not get to see it.  Praise again was showered on my ‘signature move’, my twenty second booty pop.  Oh, and I made $6 ($5 from SkinnyBitch and $1 from the pole).

– Making Out
I made out with some folks.  It was awesome.  That is all.

– Cuddling
Yeah, two lovely people and I spent some time alone in my room.  I was tortured with a feather and tasted some delicious nipples while also giving a hand job.  Oh, and I was fisted; seven orgasms. 

Happy Birthday to me.

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