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DOF 2011: Friday Part 1

This day, by far, is the hardest to write because so much happened.  My mind is dense with all the little details I want to include, all the moments that still live in the front of my thoughts, so much so that I have broken it up into two parts.  Here is the first half of my Friday.

I didn’t start my Friday morning happy.  I am a night owl, especially at events, but my cabin mates certainly were not.  Around 9:30am, I awoke to the sounds of their prepping for the day.  I really couldn’t blame them; I chose to stay out til the Sun came up.  Hence, I dealt with the consequences.

My morning was mostly meh.  I ate some breakfast and spent the majority of my time sitting in my camp chair, chatting, crocheting, and relaxing.

My lunch was semi-eventful, if nothing else for the example it set for the rest of my stay.

Like all other days, I went to our food co-op for lunch.  My plate made, I reached down to grab a soda.  As I stood, I heard from behind me, “You don’t want that one.”  I turned and there was Gray.

“Excuse me?”

“You don’t want that soda.”

“No, I do.”

“But I want to see your ass again.”

“Oh, well all you have to do is ask.”

“But what’s the fun in that?”  He gave me a hug and continued on to his cabin.

Later, while sitting with SkinnyBitch and eating our barbeque, who ventured over?  Gray.  He sat and chatted with us, while also playing with his pretty pretty iPad.  We didn’t stay long; there was a class she and I both wanted to attend.  I bid Gray adieu and ran back to the cabin to get ready.

Shower, changed, and armed with my notebook, bag and water bottle, I made my way over to Creating Your Ideal Dynamic.  As per usual, I was the first to arrive.  I sat, front row center, pulled out my notebook and waited.  I chatted with folks as they arrived and was in a generally good mood.

And then, who should appear? Gray.  He took the seat next to mine in the front.  This was how my stay went, Gray and I circling each other in a sort of cute kinky dance.  (Hmm, I never did get to actually dance with him.  That needs to be remedied.)

I enjoyed the class, though I was quite nervous to speak; people that I cared about sat right behind me.  They left half way through, thankfully, which allowed me some breathing room, but only so far as the eighteen inches between my chair and Gray’s.

When we disbursed, I had every intention of following Gray; his class was the next one I intended to take.  He, however, needed to run back to his cabin for supplies.  He charged me with the task of letting the other attendees know why he was running late.

[Side note: After class, I approached the presenter with a question, which was answered in the simplest of responses: You deserve to know where you stand.  Food for thought for other parts of my life, not sexy times now, though.]

Slow Rope Hot Knots
I arrived for Gray’s class early, but there was a very hot 4-on-1, which turned into 6-on-1, anal topping scene happening.  I very quietly slipped past those involved and took my front row center seat, but gratefully watched the work done a mere fifteen feet to my left.  They finished just before Gray arrived, as well as the rest of the class.

I enjoyed Gray’s lesson, as I knew I would.  The concept of the class was simple: What the fuck is your hurry?  He talked about taking your time while tying, using all the sensations available to you with rope against body.  Then, for the second half, he had a scene with his demo bottom, MsNaughtyEm.  This was when it paid to be early; I had the best seat in the house.

The focus of everyone in the audience was deafening; a needle drop silence fell over us all.  I sat, notebook away, elbow on my knees, eyes focused on his work.

As things progressed, I thought some of Gray’s choices were interesting.  The back of his pants were suddenly gone, and he slowly became naked.  Instead of resheathing his knife, he threw it into the ground.  I thought this was all for effect, for Em.  Later he explained these were unexpected hiccups for the scene.  Gray was the only one who knew this, a testament to his Domly-ness.

One moment, he paused the scene because he saw a spec of blood on Em.  An audience member explained it was Gray’s blood from a small cut on his arm.  He quickly wiped it away and continued.

But it was here my body did not cooperate.  As I sat, mesmerized, I felt a tickle in the back of my throat.  I tried to swallow it away; no go.  I tried again; no luck.  I tried to hold it back; not happening.  So, with reluctance, I quietly eased myself out of the class and quickly walked past the side of the dungeon to the front.  I then hacked for what seemed like five minutes, coughing up the offending phlegm.

Randomly, when I thought my lungs were near the end of their torment, Murphy walked by.  He asked me where he could find water, as they had run out in the dungeon.  I took him to where the hose was located, the opposite front corner of the dungeon.  Earlier, as Gray set out his things for class, he had asked me to fill his water bottle.  I did so, after having dragged the cooler inside the dungeon to the hose out front, filling it, and bringing it back in.  Yes, I really liked this man.

Having successfully showed Murphy the water source, I quietly made my way back to the class.  Gray was still engaged in the scene, so I stood back watching, not wanting to interrupt.  After about five minutes, the scene concluded and I retook my seat.  Gray went over the numerous ways things had gone arry, answered a few questions, and then dismissed us.  I gathered up my things and left, feeling bad for possibly interrupting his scene with Em.

I had arranged to be kidnapped and raped by DeepEnd at Fusion.  We had been discussing the scene for some time, off and on, and I’d decided I wanted it to happen at this event.

But, while walking back to my cabin, I came to a stark realization: Yes, I wanted to be kidnapped and raped, but I didn’t ask for the scene because I wanted the experience at Fusion.  I asked for it because I wanted to secure time with DeepEnd.

Once I accepted this and owned it, I knew I needed to cancel the rape.  It was going to be a dramatic scene, bringing up lots of emotions and going deeper into my head than I ever had before.  To go into such a situation in the wrong head space would have been beyond bad.

When I got to the cabin and explained the situation to DeepEnd, he started laughing.  “If you want to spend time with me, just ask to spend time with me.”

“Well, yes, but you’re busy and I’m busy, and…”

“We’re about to be roommates.”

“Yes, I know, it’s just I wanted to make sure and… You know what, can we just chat?”

“Yes, Poetic.  If you want to just chat for an hour, we’ll do that.”

Instantly, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I felt lighter, freer.  Camp would only get better from there.

Wheel of Destiny
Gray and I had arranged to have our date after the Wheel of Destiny, but my family members wanted to go to the event as well.  I was intrigued and thought, Well I can go if I leave with enough time to get ready.  I went down with RockStarIsis and we arrived just as it was getting started.  Somehow I forgot or overlooked the fact Gray was hosting the event.  Yup, we just kept circling each other throughout the entire camp.

As he got started explaining the rules, I had this feeling that I would need a little encouragement to go up.  And by encouragement, I mean I told RockStarIsis to push me because there was no way I was volunteering on my own.  After the second person had gone, RockStarIsis did indeed push me and I took a small step forward.  Gray, ever the showman, called me to the stage, acknowledging I’d volunteered by being pushed by a friend.

As I stepped up, Gray put his arm around me and took a moment to speak to the audience.

“Everyone, let’s welcome PoeticDesires.  Before she spins the wheel, there is something I want to share with you all.  Yesterday Poetic told me something.  Rather, she said there is something she can never say to me.  Poetic, do you remember what word you can never say to me?”

“No.”  [Side note: There is a small number of people, including Gray roughly three, who have the same privilege.] 

“That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Poetic cannot say no to me.  Let’s remember this as she spins the wheel.”

I took my turn and it landed on Paint, which was disappointing.  I had had an amazing painted poetry and flogging scene at Winter Fire, and could not see anyone topping that paint experience.  However, I didn’t want to spend my Kudilani cash, as I wanted to save the coin as a souvenir of my vacation.

“We’ll give you more,” yelled Gregg, one of the organizers for the event, who stood just outside the Pavilion holding a Ziploc bag full of the wooden coins.

So I paid my fare and spun again.  This time, it landed on piercing.  The audience howled.

“What do you want to get pierced,” Gray asked me.

“Well, I have my tongue and these…” I flashed my nipples to the audience.  “So I don’t know.”

“What do you think, audience?  What should she get pierced?”

“Hood!”  Someone yelled.  Everyone in the audience ooo-ed.

“Wait, wait wait,” said Gray.  “Poetic, are you going to get your hood pierced?”

I scrunched up my fists close to my chest, caving in my body, nervous beyond recognition.  And, somehow, I squeaked, “Yes.”

There were cheers from the crowd.  Gray, with a smile, deposited my coin back in my hand.  I ran off the stage, grabbing RockStarIsis, yelling at her, telling her she was going to hold my hand.

When I approached the piercer, though, she informed me she does not do hood piercings.  Instead, this was temporary needle play.  I opted to get needles in each of my arms, red velvet flowers that matched my red dress.

To my great shock, I soon became floaty and happy, flitting about the Pavilion, showing anyone I knew my flowers, and I got RockStarIsis to take pictures of them.  I will definitely do needles again.

But I knew it was getting late and I needed to leave.  Returning to the piercing station, the flowers were removed and I quickly made my way back to the cabin to get ready for my date with Gray.

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