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Whispering to a Stranger —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Still high off the glow of fucking, I thanked the Sadist by getting on all fours and kissing his feet. This seemed to please him and keep me in the good graces of the cabin. As I gave the Sadist’s feet attention, Gray caressed my ass, the view perfect from his […]

Ride Em Cowgirl —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Finished with the ice cream, I quickly shuttled it to my cooler and returned to his side. In the interim, he had laid down on his bed. Moving the towel, I again rested on my knees, my head near the middle of the bed as we chatted. After about ten minutes, […]

Peanut Butter Cup —

Rope Camp Memories continued… He sat on the edge of his bed, spooning ice cream out of a just opened pint, savoring each bite slowly. I looked on wantonly. “Would you like some?”“Yes, please.”“Not in those clothes.” Obediently, I stripped. He instructed me to grab his towel and I knelt on it in front of […]

Midori Wants Ice Cream —

Today’s blog is another fun Rope Camp memory I wish to impart. After the opening night’s Meet & Greet, which originally was to be smores around the campfire, but was moved into Dungeon because of the rain, members of NYR Cabin congregated towards the front entrance, ready to take on an important mission: Midori, an […]

Distance —

Of all the impediments to kinky fun times, there is no other motherfucker like distance. The nature of our subculture, with its multiple get togethers at various locations both in the states and around the world, lends to connections formed with people who, regrettably, do not live near you. And no matter how much you […]

Bootblacking —

I realize I recently wrote a post centered on my love for boots. However, I had the intense pleasure of servicing two pair of boots (I know, I am a lucky girl) for a person I deeply care about tonight. And, in doing so, I now have the urge to profess my love for the […]

The Slave Of Many Masters —

It feels kind of shitty to even be writing this; I’m about expound on a problem I know people would love to have. But it’s my fucking blog, so hmph. And yes, I am pouting. Often, too often, I feel torn between the many people in my life. My family and high school friends live […]

NYR Cabin Bitch —

The first night of Rope Camp, Thursday night, is full of stories I wish to tell; the first I’ll recount is how I earned my NYR Cabin nickname. To start, an explanation.  Murphy Blue and Graydancer, two of my friends who I knew would be at Rope Camp, ended up in Cabin 1/2.  Murphy, along […]

Boots —

There is just something about them that piques my kink-dar in a way no other article of clothing has.  Then again, boots can only loosely be described as “clothing.”  Indeed, they are much more. My first pair (that I remember) came when I was a freshman in high school.  My mother randomly bought them from […]

Solo vs. Unpartnered —

The last class I took at DOSC ’11 was Poly Sluttery, a discussion group about being both poly and a slut.  As a person who identifies as both, I knew I needed to attend this presentation.  Towards the beginning, the presenter, Strap-on Jo, asked us all to go around the room, identifying what label we […]