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A Short Outing

Rope Camp Memories continued…

Graydancer, Lochai, & PoeticDesires walk into a cigar shop…

This sounds like the setup for a joke, but it’s not.

After our session of convincing the cabin to have a kinky circus, Gray & Lochai wanted to venture off campus for a cigar run. Gray needed tubes for his Cigar & Rope Play class. Lochai needed to replenish his stock. I came along for the ride.

I love being a fly on the wall. Sitting in the back seat. Lingering in the corner of the humidor. Waiting patiently at the Dunkin Donuts (the guys wanted coffee; I, who do not drink coffee, opted for hot chocolate, which Gray kindly purchased for me). You get an insight into people beyond their everyday fascade. And you hear the most interesting stories when people forget you are in the room.

Stepping into the tobacco shop’s humidor, about the size of a large walk-in closet, Gray and Lochai’s faces lit up. They were like two kids in a candy store; the plethora of different varieties had them smelling here and looking there. Commenting on this brand, reccomending another. Both purchased sizeable amounts.

I also purchased a cigar. Mine was tubed, with a red and black design that caught my eye. I loved the idea of buying a cigar for Gray that he would smoke during our play, with the added bonus of the tube as a sovereign for me. Thankfully, I had just enough cash to cover my impulse buy.

One of my favorite parts of this tiny adventure was my small moment of panic towards the end. When we traveled off campus, I wore a pair of black boxer shorts, a black tank top, and my Invader Zim jacket. So, when a cop walked into the tobacco shop as we were all paying at the counter, I wondered, Am I street legal?

Instead of letting my nervousness overtake me, I stopped and thought about it.

Well, my genitals are covered. That’s good. Technically these boxers are underware, but the style is similar to women’s booty shorts. And it’s hot as balls outside, so I’d be justified in wearing little to nothing. I think I’m cool.

No look; no ticket.

The guys got their coffee, and my cocoa, and we headed back to campus.

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