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Class Prep

Rope Camp Memories continued…
At the end of dinner, I went up to Dov, and motioned for him to unlock my handcuffs. He informed me that no, I needed to orgasm before he’d unlock me. And then he ran away.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck! What the fuck was going on?

I absolutely needed the handcuffs off; I had to shower and change for Gray’s Rope and Cigar Play class, which was soon approaching.

I hurriedly found Gray, asking again for permission to orgasm. He, in turn, told me to go ask Lqqkout. Yeah, the guys loved giving me the run around.

Finding Lqqkout, he gave his consent, and said I needed to tell Gray, “Kimono boy says yes.”

I rushed over to Gray, thankfully not too far away, and spoke my line.

“Don’t you mean kimono man?”

My permission secured from Gray, I now felt lost. Yes, I could cum, but I needed help, especially with the handcuffs on. Lqqkout, standing right next to me, along with AmyMorgan, both volunteered.

We started walking towards my cabin, but stopped soon after exiting the Dining Hall. The takedown for Cabin Meat had started. Murphy was quickly tying her. CabEx had a knife to her throat. Cabin Thug held down her chest. Gray had a foot on chest, as well. Dov held her legs.

Fuck I want to to watch this. It was incredibly hot, but I had to orgasm.

As they picked her up and headed back to 1/2, I proceeded to run to my cabin. Lqqkout and Amy followed.

Rushing in, I explained I needed one person on dildo and one person on nipples. I would take the vibrator. Lqqkout volunteered for dildo, while Amy took nipples. Lqqkout helped me take off my strapless bra and did a trick to remove my bag, pulling the strap through the cuffs.

I gave Lqqkout both my dildos, one average sized and the other large. I pulled out my largest and most powerful vibrator. We got started.

Lqqkout was able to maneuver both dildos into me, but it was a bit awkward. He instead just used my large black cock. Amy pinched and pulled at my nipples, playing with them. I turned on my vibrator, which sounded like a lawn mower, and started riding it.

As we went on, I mentioned to Lqqkout how I orgasmed when people thumped my cervix. “Oh, really?” Lqqkout, in turn, started punching my dildo, thumping my cervix so hard I screamed; the orgasm was so intense, the second one came almost immediately.

After number two, I was about to jump out of bed to go to the takedown. But I had had so much fun getting my pair of orgasms, I had to go for just one more. The third was amazing still, a great full body thrashing orgasm. I left my cabin really happy.

Lqqkout, Amy, and I headed back to 1/2. On the way, Lqqkout informed me Gray had the key for the cuffs. Once we arrived, I learned Gray was in the shower. This gave me time to watch some of Cabin Meat’s takedown. She was tied to the stacks on the front lawn Cabin Thug had set earlier. CabEx, Murphy, Dov, and Cabin Thug were tormenting her, having Cabin Meat scream out her name over and over again.

Once Gray finished his shower, I approached him, and asked for the key to unlock the handcuffs. He asked if I had orgasmed, to which I confirmed I did. Lqqkout, who was in Cabin 1, yelled over the wall that actually I’d orgasmed three times, ratting on me. Not knowing what else to do, I called Lqqkout a liar.

And then there was some yelling; that part is a little foggy cause, well, I was scared shitless that I was going to be called out on my blatant lie.

Gray, thankfully, worked out some logic. In his mind, my second orgasm negated my first, but my third then negated the second. Of course, then he wondered if it was the other way around.

Dov then walked in, and started yelling at me. He said I was suppose to have the key. I said I wasn’t suppose to have it. Dov then asked me if I was calling him a liar. I vehemently denied this, and said I was just trying to explain that I didn’t have the key.

Right when I thought I was about to get layed into, Gray, who had moved away when Dov walked in, approached, key in hand. He unlocked the handcuffs; my lie went unpunished.

I ran back to my cabin and got ready for the Rope and Cigar Play class.

[Note to self: Should look into being in an interrogation scene.]

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