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Rope Camp Memories Continued…
So Dov orgasmed, laughing at my pain, my female blue balls all but dragging on the floor. I put my clothes back on in the bathroom, but, instead of my himation, I tied the fabric around my waste.

As I did so, Dov asked the cabin if he should bring his handcuffs to dinner.

“Yes, hand cuffs are always a good idea.” Sometimes I should just keep my fucking mouth shut.

“Really? Come here.” Throwing my Hello Kitty bag across my shoulder, I stepped in front of him.

Dov told me to put my hands out. He then secured the handcuffs to my wrists, double locking them so they wouldn’t constrict, but damn sure were not coming off. He then told me to see him after dinner.

I headed to the Dining Hall. As I walked, I could feel the weight of the cuffs, the strength of the metal. They were real. I liked those handcuffs.

Entering the Dining Hall, I spyed Gray in a back corner working. I decided to leave him alone, and walked into the Dining Hall proper. Peering through a window, I saw folks had tied up the rafts in the pool. I tried to take a picture, but the grating made it difficult and the distance was too far. Heading back outside, I went over to the pool and captured the shot.

Back inside the Dining Hall, I saw Gray was talking to Midori and seemed to be finished working. I slowly apporached. As I came near, they both looked at me, then looked down at my hands. I smiled.

After Midori left, I sweetly asked Gray if I could orgasm.


Why? Because it would make him meaner than Dov. AGH! But… But… I was frustrated and horny, but that just made it better for him.

The cuffs were not a hindrance as I grabbed Gray’s bag, and threw it over my shoulder. We started back to the cabin. On the way, Dov stopped us to talk to Gray. I was going to wait obdiently, but Dov looked at me and paused. Gray ordered me to keep walking and I didn’t think much of it. I waited on the cabin porch, sitting in my camp chair.

After a few minutes, I saw Gray climb over the hill. After some yelling, I dropped his bag on his bed and met him in the grass. We made our way back to the Dining Hall.

When we got in line for food, Gray put a plate in my hands, but then put the utensils in my mouth. To serve myself, each time I sat down the plate and was able scoop food just fine. I kept moving, slowly, but I was able to do it.

Sitting at the far side back corner table, we joined the NYR crew. I loved that corner; it felt like we were the naughty kids, the ones your parents warned you about, the ones you desparately wanted to hang out with.

I happened to sit beside Lqqkout, who had just arrived that day. Later, once I was almost done with my meal, Slut approached and offered Lqqkout table service, oral sex from under the table. He informed her he would love to experience her skills, but he had to be wearing a condom. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out a rubber. Once again, the Cabin Bitch saved the day. Lqqkout gloved; Slut gave love; I finished eating.

Slut later cycled to Celeste, then Gray. As Slut was still working, Gray and Dov started chatting, and came up with what they thought was a brilliant idea. Gray and Dov mentioned to Lqqkout that the Cabin Bitch gave great head too. So, why don’t we have a competition between Cabin Slut and Cabin Bitch to see who gave better head?

Okay guys, let me explain why I wasn’t over the Moon about this idea. Don’t get me wrong; I love giving head. Love it. I loved giving head to people sitting at that table. And I loved the fact that Gray and Dov were complimenting me on my oral skills. You guys sure knew how to make a girl feel special.

However, when I gave head, as you may have noticed, I tended to gag. Nothing wrong with that; I rather enjoyed the feeling and the loss of power it gave me. I would never look down on that effect. But, guys, I had just finished eating. JUST FINISHED EATING. When I’ve gagged, occasionally things came up. So far it’s only been water because til then you had not requested head two minutes after I’d JUST FINISHED EATING.

Did you really want me to vomit up Mexican food on your dicks? Really? Really? Now do you understand why I didn’t seem pleased at your idea? Now do you understand why I looked demure, smiled, but said nothing and wouldn’t make eye contact?

Yeah.  Yeah.

Next year, though, not directly after a meal, come talk to me. Seriously. Please. I actually think it would be a lot of fun.

So… After Slut finished giving table service, Lqqkout got under the table and started fingering/fisting her. And, because Lqqkout was that good, Slut squirted. We all chipped in to quickly clean up the mess.

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