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Motherfucking Sadist

Rope Camp Memories continued…

I arrived to Dov’s class with rope in tow, and sat with Murphy’s friend.  The two of us chatted while waiting for the presentation to start.

Dov began with a short lecture on language, explaining Japanese names for ties were descriptive. He talked about how each tie had different variations, how no tie was a specific set of knots. He also spoke on how each tie changed with the body of the person being bound.

Dov mentioned muscle memory, how a tie should be like second nature; Japanese bondage was about learning a skill. He also gave a thorough safety briefing, talking about circulation, limb motions, having safety shears easily available, and staying calm when things don’t go as planned.

Lecture complete, Dov had everyone stand for the hands on portion. I got undressed.

To start, he quickly showed everyone a complete chest harness. Securing my wrists behind my back, he quickly wrapped rope around my torso and completed the tie.

After the first few strands were on my body, it dawned on me how much I’d overlooked about what was going to happen in this class. I’d brought my rope with me, but would be doing no tying. As a demo bottom, and getting ensnared in Dov’s rope, my mind would not be on learning. Just that fast, I had already dropped into sub space. Oh well, I’ll just learn this later. Hmm…

Chest harness shown, Dov began untying me, but he stopped short of completely removing the rope. Instead, he kept my wrists tied behind my back.

Holding on, you fucking bitch. I thought the ropes were coming off. Why aren’t the ropes off?

My body did not appreciate this tease. My arm muscles started to cramp and my wrists started to whine. With some effort, I found I could rotate my wrists around in a circle, alleviating some of the complaints and giving my arm muscles a chance to feel somethig different.

Each time Dov came in close, leaned into me, and added back to the chest harness, my body let out some endorphines. My arms didn’t ache as much and my wrists quieted a bit. I breathed through the pain, accepted it, got over it. And each time, I got just a little hornier.

There was a constant up down as Dov tied a little and then went around the room to check the students’ work. Oh, this is hot. Oh, the pain. Oh, I’m horny. Fuck, this hurts.

With the box tie complete once more, I thought Dov would take it off and give my limbs some peace. Instead, he pushed me, and I landed on the pile of mattresses on the ground we’d all ignored.

I don’t feel any pain anymore, I thought as I looked up at Dov. Thank you endorphines.

Dov showed the class a frog leg, explaining this could be translated to an arm as a chicken wing. Securing my left leg, he tied off to the chest piece, and asked if I could untie myself. He just so happened to put the knot near my fingers. With some effort, I began to undo his work.

Realizing I could reach it, he began kicking me in the pussy.

“That’s not a motivation for me to untie this.”

“Now my foot is wet.”

Dov took the rope I had been working on, tied a cuff to my right ankle, and secured it by binding it to my hair. Once again, he encouraged me to try to undo the ties. Like a good little sub, I made the effort, but found no way for me to get myself free.

Finished with his lesson, Dov excused the class. A few people stayed behind to talk, including Murphy’s friend. Dov still above me, I wriggled my body and head around to look at him.

“Dov, can we do something later?” He nodded his agreement.

As Dov continued to chat with the stragglers, he began untying me. With the rope off, I got up on my knees, but Dov didn’t let go of my hands. Instead he tied my wrists together in front of me and strung his rope over a rafter. The height held me high enough that knealing was a problem.

He began beating on me, punching and slapping my body. Finished with his impact work, he took down the rope and undid my wrists. Standing behind me, rather than completely removing the rope, he restricted my breathing, pulling up against my windpipe. He choked the air out of me.

But, as he was doing this, Murphy walked into the room, and beckoned Dov back to the NYR cabin for a planning sesson.

“But I’m about to fuck her!”

“You can fuck her later.”

“Fine. Cabin Bitch, coil all my rope and bring it back to the cabin so I can check it.” Dov left with Murphy; after I caught my breath, I scrambled around fulfilling my task.

Chatting with Murphy’s friend, we assembled all of Dov’s rope. We also quickly took photos of my ligature marks. Task complete, we then headed back to the cabin. Checking in with Dov, he approved of my coils.

The NYR crew was preparing up for something, but I didn’t know what. Cabin Thug was setting spikes in the ground. Dov headed outside to lash together a bamboo tripod. He then took a shower while Cabin Exhibitionist worked on a second tripod. Coming back outside, Dov helped CabEx with his work. As he did, he grabbed me by my hair and had me give him head.

The bamboo teach complete, Dov went back inside, ordering me to follow. He told me to open the box of condoms he handed me. Once unpackaged, I grabbed one and gave it to him.

Forcing my head down for yet more oral, Dov informed me I needed to ask Gray if I could cum, mirroring my Wednesday night fuck. Funny enough, Gray was not there. Pushing my mouth off his cock, Dov slipped on the condom and pulled me onto his bed.

Positioning me in doggy style, Dov began fucking me hard. As we were going, I got caught up in the insect net above his bed. We hastily flung it away. As he rode me, he joked with people randomly in the cabin. He started varying his fucking speed, but always thrusted hard. I enjoyed it, but I also got pissed. I wanted to cum, but where the fuck was Gray?

Dov thrusted incredibly fast, then slowed it down to a deep rhythm, then increased to a medium speed.  I greatly enjoyed his skills, but all I wanted to do was cum. Everything in me wanted to cum, but no Gray. Fuck, show up. Fuck, show up. Fuck, show up! He never did.

Dov fucked the shit out of me. It was really good sex. But no, I did not get my ecstasy.

Motherfucking Sadist!

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