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Rope and Cigar Play

Rope Camp Memories continued…

My wrists freed, I ran back to Cabin 20. I quickly showered, changed, and headed back up to 1/2. I thought I was going to help Gray carry his things, thinking of his back. However, when I arrived, he had already left. I again ran, this time over to the upper fire circle, and met up with Gray and Lochai. Thankfully, Lochai had assisted Gray in bringing over the supplies for the class.

Catching my breath, I took a moment to give Gray his present: a crocheted apple I’d made for him. Cuteness complete, I jumped into helping him setup.

As the beginning of class aprroached, I sat at Gray’s knee. He took a moment to tie his lighter to my wrist again. I had held it for him for quite some time, but he’d taken it back on the first day of camp. It felt good to back back on my wrist.

As our audience gathered, Gray realized he’d forgotten his shot glass, as well as any other cups. I quickly scurried to the Dining Hall to retrieve cups and ran to my cabin to grab shot glasses. I returned just in time to start.

As he began, Gray mentioned to the audience that, not only was I a demo bottom, I was also a co-creator of the class. Gray awknowledged my input and effort into shaping the content. I was not expecting his praise, a welcome delight before the fun had even begun.

He also, quite unexpectedly, pimped my blog. He spoke about how, if one wanted to read about our process of workshopping the material, you could go to… and he spouted the web address. As it happened, not only was I shocked, but I was embarrassed, and humbled, and grateful.

After stunning me with his generosity, I sat at his knee and Gray delved into the lesson.

He first listed the three basic aspects of cigar play: Sensation, Ritual, and Dominace.

To give an example for ritual, Gray pointed out the lighter. He talked about the ritual of him tying the lighter to my wrist the night we developed the class, and the signifcance it had to me, which Gray had no idea about until he read my blog post. He spoke about how it stayed on my wrist all night, even while we were fucking. Gray then told how, the first night of camp, I got a sad face when he took it off. Like our lighter, he suggested creating your own rituals.

Still focusing on ritual, Gray bound my right arm into a chicken wing, with my hand flat and my palm facing up. He called this tie the ‘human-dor.’ With the lighter on my left wrist and his cutter hung around my neck, I carried a box of cigars, donated by Maui Kink, around to everyone, giving them out to any who wanted one.

For sensation, Gray mentioned there are many different ways to use cigars. He first asked me to give my anecdotal story about the burnt cigar in my Hello Kitty bag from Fusion. I explained how the scent flavored everything in my bag, down to my gum. He suggested having rope flavored with a burnt cigar, though mentioned this would be your ‘cigar rope’ as the smell would cling to natural fibers.

Gray then listed three aspects of the cigar best used for sensation play: heat, smoke, and ash. To incorporate rope, Gray bound me in a crossed arm tie. He then held the cigar near the back of my neck, my nipples, gliding oh so close to my skin. With my arms bound, there was no flinging or flinching to be had. For the ash, Gray broke off a piece and spanked me with it. He also broke it off in my hand, using me as his ashtray. For smoke, he blew smoke into my face and then gave me a smoke kiss.

By then I was quite wet. Gray had previously asked me to insert a cigar tube into my vagina. I got so slick, it slipped out while I sat. Gray had me lean back and then slid his cigar end in between my lips, ‘flavoring’ the tip. “Better than cognac.”

Gray spoke next about eating ash. He noted how I loved to do it, and gave the class a few fun terms. There was monogam-ash and polyamor-ash, pretty much self explainatory. However, in stark contrast, he dubbed me slut-ash.

Gray mused that, if given the decision between giving him a blow job or eating ash out of his hand, he’d really have to think about it. He found the experience was just so intimate and hot. He mentioned how one doesn’t know if they like something until all of a sudden one experiences it. That was what happened with my eating cigar ash out of Gray’s hand for the first time. “Oh, I like this. I really like this.”

As Gray spoke, I looked over and saw Deiter had broken off some ash into his hand. After getting permission from Gray, on my hands and knees, I crawled over to Deiter and ate the ash out of his hand. He found it to be quite nice.

For another way to incorporate rope, Gray introduced predicament bondage with a cigar. He bound around my face, where I was forced to keep my lips pursed to hold the cigar from falling.

As the class progressed, Celeste helped Gray keep his cigar going while he tied or talked. Lochai also chimed in throughout with his own personal stories and anecdotes.

Gray brought up great pairings with cigars: whiskey (for which Gray brought Gentleman Jack) and dark chocolate. I passed around cups while he gave out chocolate; the bottle of Jack was shared.

Next came the T-shirt and underwear spectacle. Using ash to mark where my nipples and clit were, Gray used the cigar to burn holes through the fabric so that my fun nubs peeked out.

While I laid on the ground, Gray sat on me, his crotch in my face. I wanted to give him head, but he had on two pairs of underwear. I tried nuzzling him, but finally he told me to “Stop that.” I couldn’t help it; I always want to give him head cause I love sucking on his cock. [Yes, I am pouting.]

As Gray performed the spectacle, instead of the embers being a problem on my underwear as they had been that workshop night, this time he had issues with my shirt. I happened to mumble, “Not again,” which was met with a brusk, “Quiet” from Gray.

“Did she say, not again?” asked someone in the audience. Gray then recounted the tale of our first attempt, the trouble we had with my panties, and his need to pull out his knife to cut off the fabric before I was burned. Of course, the class found this quite amusing.

With the holes made, Gray pointed out how, when you highlight the clit with the hole, you can do things like… He riped open the underwear to create a huge opening, great for masturbation, later.

As the conclusion of class was soon approaching, Gray had to rush through the end.

For dominance, Gray went over the objectification poses we had created. The first had me on my knees. My back was arched with my hands on my ankles. My lips were pursed, serving as a cigar holder. To incorporate rope, he explained you could tie a hip harness and secure it above me to support my weight and allow me to hold the pose much longer.

The second pose had me with my chest on the ground, my ass up in the air. Both of my arms were held straight back at my sides. One hand served as an ash tray, the other held his whiskey. The cleft of my ass was his cigar holder. In this position, I could have my wrists tied to my thighs to help me hold my arms up.

In the third and final position, I laid on my back, my knees up, bent, and spread out. My wrists would be tied to my inner thighs. This again left my hands as useful surfaces to hold things, with the split of my vulva as the holder for the cigar.

Breaking off ash onto my exposed clit, Gray rubbed it in, and then had me masturbate as class was dismissed.

As people filtered out, Gray talked with those who approached, and asked if they enjoyed the experience. Everyone, including Gray and I, was disappointed that we only had 90 minutes instead of the two hours for the day classes. Though Gray explained how to create the objectification poses, he didn’t have enough time to actually show the ties.

As the participants thined out, two of the people who appraoched Gray were from the kitchen staff. The two men had randomly walked by, but decided to stay and attend the class when they saw it had to do with cigars. There was a funny moment, while I was a ‘human-dor’, where instead of waiting for the cigar cutter, one used his own knife while the other simply used his teeth and bit off the tip. As the men chatted, Gray learned one was from Mexico City. Gray had worked there, so the group exchanged contact information.

With everyone gone, Gray knealed down on the ground and looked at me. He asked if I’d orgamsed yet, which I had not. I had gotten close, but had not cum. Once again, I mentioned how I needed assistance. Gray slid his fingers into my very wet and wanting pussy. I soon orgasmed, screaming his name.

Lochai had helped clean up while I was masturbating on the ground, though by my ecstasy he was gone. Most everything Gray brought had been packed. Gray, though, needed to go. I offered to take his things back to the cabin so he could leave for the rigger vs. rigger competition. He agreed, telling me to find him once I joined the campus at the show.

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