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All Wound Up: Office Hours


Since DeepEnd wanted more practice, I laid out our blanket, took off my shoes, socks, and skirt, and asked what he wanted to go over. He said he wanted to practice Gray’s Tie Em Up & Fuck Em harness. I asked him if he remembered the three steps. He said he did, but I made him repeat them to me anyway a few times. We went over the Texas handcuffs, as well as the last two steps.

Satisfied that he had it, he decided to break into his box of Nilla Wafers. DeepEnd being DeepEnd, he thought it’d be a great idea to toss his cookie in the air and catch it in his mouth. I, being me, had to try as well. We each threw up our cookie and failed multiple times before, in a moment of magical whimsy, I caught my cookie and he caught his. We high-fived in honor of our accomplishments.

In the next section of the room, Gray’s office hours were flowing slowly. I heard him talking, but was reluctant to walk over. I was barefoot and the bare concrete was really fucking cold. I scampered over and found a place to stand on carpet.

Gray was milling about; Murphy and Slut soon followed. We all sat and chatted. Slut wanted to show Murphy a self suspension harness she wanted to try. Gray handed me a recent story he was working on. I ran back over to the other section of the room, but Gray yelled for me to walk. It was so cold, I scampered on my tippy toes. Each step was a chilly highly uncomfortable affair. When I walked back, I sat down on a cold metal folding chair, my underwear giving little respite from the chill, but lifting up my feet to give them a break.

I sat and read Gray’s story, a hot rope and anal sex scene that captured the bulk of my attention for about ten minutes. After completing his story, and reluctantly returning the pages, I realized I had an opportunity. Murphy and Gray were right there, ready and willing to advise and teach. I scampered back over to my things and grabbed my rope bag.

The arch in the room was free. I dropped my bag under it and rigged my Shibari ring. Grasping the ring, I held my body by the rig to check that it was stable and secure, swinging around gleefully.

By this time, more people had entered the room, including Ten who laid in Gray’s lap as he pet her head. Other students sat on the mat in the corner, the other folding chairs in the room, or stood off to the side.

With just my shirt, bra, and panties on, I gave a little show. Unsnapping my shirt slowly, I eased off the fabric from my chest. Unhooking my bra, I flung it off with a flourish. I left my panties on because they were cute, dark red with a black band and black lettering that read “I HATE U”.

As I began tying my leg harness, I wanted music. Instead of having me scamper all the way over to the other room again, Gray pulled out his phone and played a list of mashed-up music. Murphy noted this was good. I had already rigged to my music, but now I was at a level that I should experiment with other people’s beats. Gray then noted, if they so wanted, they could heckle me mercilessly. Thankfully, being my friends and all, they didn’t.

I finished my hip harness and leg attachments, then moved onto my chest.

With my body ropes ready, it was time to lift. I attached the lines and suspended myself in the air. Murphy, having seen me do this before, popped up to spot me. The one time he’d witness the maneuver I was about to make, I had needed to ask for his assistance.

Slowly, I lowered my chest down, hanging only by my legs. Then, the moment of truth. I brought my body back up, re-looped the lifting lines for my chest, and tied off. I was so happy, gleeful, ecstatic.

In my elevated mood, Murphy gave me a few pointers. First, he wanted me to tuck the ends of my lifting lines in my ropes to keep them from slipping. Second, he again nagged me about slippage, citing his first tip would assist in preventing it. Third, he noted I was not using a point on my body that could possibly aid my efforts. I confessed I didn’t know what he meant. Grabbing my hip harness at the center, below my belly button, he pulled up.

My lesson complete, I landed myself. As I recoiled my ropes and gathered my things, the group began telling stories. The first was a three part-er, with contributions from Slut, myself, and Murphy about a man Slut dubbed Mr. Awkward.

My things safely away, I rejoined the group, sitting in one folding chair, my feet resting in another. After the Mr. Awkward story, more random sexual experiences were recounted. Memorable mentions included the Dead Fish and the Jack Hammer.

As more people filtered into the office hours, we finally did bring the focus back to rope. Gray wished to demonstrate a new chest harness he’d picked up from a recent European Grue. Ever the friend, I volunteered myself as his demo. As he tied the harness, I followed his hands, attempting to memorize his moves. After the first try, I asked if he would tie it again, as repetition is the best way for me to learn. He obliged my request, this time attempting a slight modification. I noted how to tie both.

The subject of rope corsets came up. Gray was not a fan, as they took a lot of rope and time to tie. Instead, he had created a way of giving the look and feel of a rope corset without the extensive time and rope needed. He tied his corset around my center, then pulled it off quickly with a flourish.

Concentrating again on my chest harness, he noted how versatile it was, with points in the front and back great for gripping and holding, moving a person this way or that. He demonstrated the use, yanking me this way and that. He gripped my hair and pulled my head back. He pushed me over and slapped and spanked my ass. He pulled me back up, spread my legs, and slapped my pussy. He hit my boobs the way Wesley Snipes stopped a punch in a recent movie he had watched, coming down hard once, then up, both times on my nipple. He wanted to show the entire room, so he turned me around to show the students on the mat behind us, then turned me around again, and again.

Thoroughly dropped into rope space, my head was floaty. I was high. Gray removed the ropes from my body, popping out the ends against my skin when possible.

Having learned a new harness, I wanted to practice. Slut offered up her chest and I wound the harness, both the original style and Gray’s modification, around her body. Satisfied that I had retained the tie, I decided to experiment.

I had thought about a tie I wanted to try and saw this as an opportunity to see if it would work. I looped my rope over her body, going over one side of her breast and under the other. Gray came over, seeing my work, and suggested another modification, weaving the strands as they wound around Slut. I took to this idea. He then showed me other decorative features that could be added.

Another student, seeing our work, brought his phone over to show a piece he had tied. Gray attempted to replicate the pretty piece on Slut’s arm.

As Gray worked, I found myself chatting with Zelda, a nice lady attending the event. She had seen me self suspension and asked if I had visited the rope vendor in attendance. I told her I had not, as I was low on funds.

Gray now complete with his tie, I returned to the group and unwound my harness from Slut. Gray took the opportunity to kick Slut in the ass, making sure his hits were even.

As Gray’s office hours came to a close, I milled about with everyone trying to decide on our next move. We had not yet checked in at the hotel, and there was still dinner to plan.

As I chatted with Slut and DeepEnd, Zelda approached me again. I greeted her once more. She then took the large chunk of rope in her hand, crimson hemp, similar to what I wore around my neck, and put it in my hands. It was mine now, a gift from a woman I had met not more than thirty minutes prior. I was floored. I didn’t know what to do accept say thank you, over and over again. I tucked my gift away with the rest of my rope.

Just before we left, Gray approached me, book in hand. I had wanted to purchase one of Gray’s books for a while, but he had not had any available copies; this one he gifted to me with an inscription inside. I tucked it away in my bag, and planned to not read it til I got home.

DeepEnd, Slut, and Murphy ready to go, we piled back into my car. After picking up dinner from the mall, and the brief confusion about which LaQuinta we were staying in, we soon found ourselves on our way back to the event, this time for the play party.

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