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GKE Quotes

“You know you’re dealing with a fisting slut when she brings her own gloves and lube.” – Jefferson, when I randomly demo-bottomed for his G & P Spots class

“Nice ass?”- SkinnyBitch
“That’s his way of saying Hello.”- Me, explaining my Big Bro

“Sadist is in my name.”- Pyro, during his installation of my Easy Button

“I cut into it, and it reformed. I swear, I think it was alive.”- SkinnyBitch, on her dessert for the formal dinner

“You could’ve borrowed some of my clothes.”- Me
“Yes, but I wanted to buy my clothes.”- Cairo, on the allure of Delicious’ wares

“My husband and I wear the same dress and shoe size. It’s so convient.”- Cairo, on the symmetry of her marriage

“I was trying to say as nicely, sweetly, calmly, gently as I could that we needed to get the fuck out of there and go the fuck to bed. Goddammit, I’m fucking tired.”- Me, on the drive back to the hotel from the local 24 hour eatery at 5:30am

“It’s weird, cause I didn’t take notes at this event, and I’ll have to recall it just from memory.”- Me
“Oh, you mean what everyone else does?”- Lizzy, my smart and smartass friend

“It’s like the best lemonade I’ve ever had.”- SkinnyBitch, as we hacked our taste buds

“It can’t be 1:40am.”- Diamond
“It’s the second 1:40am.”- Me, on daylight savings and such

“What are they doing?”- Pyro’s friend
“I think they’re blowing up a trash can.”- Pyro, on geeks and their fun parlor tricks

“He’s still talking about his cat.”- SkinnyBitch
“He’s MurphyBlue; he can get away with it.”- Me, on the allure of Big Bro

“For shame. For shame. A bootblack with dirty boots.”- SkinnyBitch
“Well, it isn’t as if I can bootblack myself.”- Me, as SkinnyBitch volunteered her feet to help me clean my boots

“You’re so hot.”- Alice
“I was sleeping next to Kristen.”- SkinnyBitch, when she climbed into bed with Alice, commenting on my new skill as a human space heater

“Why was the orgy room on the quiet floor?”- Oh, the irony

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