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Mimosas in the Morning

My final Rope Camp Memory…
Around 7am, I awoke to lips against mine, a kiss pulling me from sleep. My eyes still closed, I kissed back, the thought of ill intent never arising. Our embraced ended, I heard, “Best Cabin Bitch Ever,” whispered to me. I opened my eyes in time to see Murphy’s dreads as he walked out the door. He had apparently stayed with his friend that night in the half of the cabin that was mostly unused. I snoozed a little longer, not wanting to get up just yet.

When I did eventually rise, I threw on some comfy clothes: my Invader Zim t-shirt that had “Deal With It” written on the front (my go to shirt for the last day of events) and a pair of shorts. I grabbed my Hello Kitty bag, as well as my bottle of champagne, and headed up to 1/2. When I arrived, everyone was prepped and ready to go to breakfast.

We encamped again at the corner table (which I believe needs to be claimed in the name of NYR). Setting up their equipment, both Gray and Dov were to record podcasts. Everyone got a plate of food, and filled the table. Gray, Murphy, Dov, Amy Morgan, Lqqkout, MargoEve, CabinCowboy, and I all sat together.

Before settling down, I opened my bottle of champagne and began making mimosas. After providing drinks for the people at our table, including myself, I gave out mimosas to many others around our area. The drinks distributed, and Gray’s coffee delivered, I settled in to eat and chat.

The podcasts actually started before I sat down, but they were not too far in before I joined them. As I ate and listened, I realized everyone was talking. For some reason I thought only select people from the table would be speaking. So, since everyone was chiming in, I figured I was allowed to, as well.

Gray and Dov steered the conversation, touching on some of the awesome things that happened at Rope Camp. They asked everyone about their cherry pops, as well as marveled at Lqqkout’s burning hot scene with mecha-Kate. Gray talked about our Rope and Cigar Play class. Quite a bit of time was focused on the Rigger vs Rigger competition, for obvious reasons. The men went over all the awesome highlights.

I talked a little, complimenting Lqqkout on his scene and trying to get the facts straight about Rigger vs Rigger, but I was polite and didn’t hog all the voice time. However, with so much fun to spout about, there was precious little time before we all needed to wrap it up. It was getting late and people needed to pack up to go home.

As we were close to finishing, Slut walked into the Dining Hall to get food. While she waited in line, the table did a toast to the NYRCabinSlut, chanting “Cabin Slut” in her honor. She then forcefully corrected us, noting she was the CampSlut. We corrected our error, chanting “CampSlut” for her.

Another toast, to end the podcast, was to the NYR Cabin Bitch For Life. I was quite proud.

The podcasts ended, we cleaned up, and went off to pack our things. I hurried to my cabin, and was able to quickly stow all my gear. Since I had spent most of my time at 1/2, most of my things were still in their bags. I was able to have my car loaded quickly and re-parked up the hill. I then headed back to 1/2 to help everyone clean up.

Once I arrived, I jumped into helping Dov and Murphy. However, I felt the wave of emotions starting. I went over to Gray, informing him I was completely packed and asked if I could help in some way. He informed me I was, indeed, not completely packed. He pulled out the red tubed cigar that I’d purchased for him and handed it to me. He told me to hold onto it, saying we would enjoy it later. He also asked me to hold onto his lighter for him.

One gift deserving another, I gave Gray something as well. Pulling out a plastic bag, I handed him mementos from our cigar play class, my burnt tank top and underwear. Apparently he’d forgotten about his request to have them, seeing as I kept the set from our workshopping session.

Gray now fully packed, he piled all his things outside. I went back to helping Murphy.

But I felt the emotions rising again. I told Murphy he needed to give me tasks to do. I needed something to help focus my mind on something other than my impending drop. He started giving me small jobs. Pick up this. Grab that. Murphy was the last to finish packing; he had that much stuff.

At a certain point, though, I knew I needed to leave. Murphy mentioned the upcoming anniversary of the Rope Bomb in New York. I agreed to come up and see the crew again, as well as participate in the festivities. The Bomb-iversary happened to fall on the day before FetFest, which was kind of perfect timing.

I started my hugs goodbye, embracing Murphy, CabEx, Cabin Meat, and Dov. I headed outside and grabbed my last few things, including my camp chair which I’d left at 1/2 the entire week.

I went over to Gray. I told him I was going to go walk the Labyrinth and then leave. He gave me a big hug, then grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. I found myself up on my tippy toes. I felt like a little bird in anticipation of taking flight. It was sweet, cute, an awesome little moment at the end of my camp.

Our kiss ended, I took a breath, and started walking.

I entered the sacred space, dropped my things, took off my shoes and socks, stepped to the start of the path.

As I walked the twisting road, my journey was very different from the walk at the start of my camp. On Wednesday, my steps started as a struggle. I felt ever footfall acutely, but I completed my journey in giggles. On Sunday, my walk to end camp was full of happiness.

I felt light, almost floating. I recalled all the people who were a part of my Rope Camp: Gray and our experiences, Murphy, Dov, Slut, CabEx, Cabin Meat, Darian, Phoenix, Murphy’s friend, mecha-Kate, Cabin Thug, Lqqkout, Lochai, Deiter and his girl, Lew & Drea. These people all touched me in some way. I thought of all the great things I had experienced, all the amazing people I’d met, all the fun times I’d had.

When I entered the center, I was filled with tons of positive emotions, and I found myself saying “Thank you”. Normally I’m silent as I walk the path, but I whispered breathy, quiet thank yous, five total. As I continued along the path, I again was silent, but I continued to say thank you with heart, mind, and soul. When I walked out, I felt, I was, happy. So happy I’d taken the leap to come to camp, one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

I put my shoes and socks back on, headed back to my car, and drove home.

You know, I’m good. I’m really good.
I was so tired once I got home that I dropped my stuff inside the front hall and fell asleep on the couch closest to the door.

I was happy I’d had the experience of Rope Camp.

NYR Cabin Bitch for Life.

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