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To Be Hers


Her lips brushed my lips.  My neck.  

Her tongue trailed down my sternum, catching my breath. The tip swirled around my belly button making me giggle. She smiled, then sunk her teeth into my flesh.  I gasped, and endured the pain.

She dragged her teeth up and down my thighs, taking care to avoid my hot and wanting cunt.

She looked into my eyes.  Caressed my cheek with her hand.  Then ground her nails into my throat, ceasing my breathing. When she released her hold, I could feel the individual pockets each nail left behind.

Again her lips kissed my body.  This time just above where I longed for her to traverse.

She toyed. Tempted. Teased. But never ever relented.

That is, not until I begged.

First, just a whisper, almost a prayer for my wanting to be fulfilled.

“Oh, god, please.”
Then, a simple request, asking for what she already knew I wanted.

“Anything. I will do anything. Please.”
Bargaining, which only made her now giggle.

“Please. Please, god, please! Fuck, please. Please! I am begging you, please.”
Finally, the desperation. The need. The utter release of anything close to pride or reservation.

To be so at her mercy. To be so beholden to her whim. That was when she, finally, granted me my need.

Her lips. Her full, soft, subtle, beautiful lips around my clit. Her fingers inside my pussy. My hands in her hair. Fucking her face. Riding her hard til I came. And then came again. The ferocity of her tongue. Her hunger to have all of me. And my need to be hers so totally.

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