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Ropey Fun Time —

Most of the time we talked. We geeked out over rope. We ate grocery store sushi. I put in an order for a natural fiber kit. We enjoyed each other’s company. Most of the time was filled with words. But part of the night was more action than notions, more feel than say. I was […]

Freaked —

Tonight, as I sat with SkinnyBitch on our couch, chatting about our weekends and life in general, the power went out. She was on my netbook, which gave her form a soft glow. I, however, was surrounded by darkness. I freaked, frantically trying to find the flashlight app on my iPhone. The power was back […]

Good Night —

“Will you suspend me?”“Sure.”My night started slow; I had arrived early for the play party. I wore my red teddy, black tights, and my black heals. My teddy had not experienced enough play in my opinion, and I felt in a flirty mood. I initially talked to my friends, and contemplated what trouble I would […]

The Boy and The Man —

~erotica~ It was Sunday, cleaning day. If the boy did nothing else today, he had to clean. His life was so hectic, so full, that the boy put aside one day a week for normal adult activities. He would check all his mail, buy groceries for the week, and he would clean. His grubby studio […]

Story Told —

On Tuesday night I attended Bare, a storytelling event held at the Black Cat in DC.  Part of the evening included picking a name at random from the “Bare pussy,” cocktail napkins submitted by the willing.  My name was in the pussy, but it was not pulled. Ever since, I’ve had the story I wanted […]

Freedom —

Recently I was offered a full time job with a company I like. The work would’ve been nothing difficult and it would’ve paid me more than I made in all of 2010 by about five thousand dollars. I turned it down. For nearly the whole of my professional life, I have worked as a freelancer. […]

Bare It All —

I was nervous. Speaker after speaker stepped up to the mic and recounted story after amazing story. One man spoke about his first ever visit to a bathhouse in Ireland. Another recounted his brief but wondrous life as a child porn star. A beautiful woman spoke about finding love when she least expected it. A […]

Be Honest —

* You want me to be honest? – Yes. And no bullshit. The word ‘rejection’ better not cross your lips. * Hmm… Well, beyond rejection. Beyond failure. Beyond loneliness and heartache, the usuals. – Yes. * The thing I fear the most is… the dark. – The dark? * The dark. – Really? * Yes. […]

More Important —

Hanging out with the roommates and their kids was more important than writing. I had spent a little time with the kids before work on Saturday, and had opted to fill my unexpectedly free Saturday night with adult activities. I wanted to spend time with them and the roommates. I wanted to hear their stories […]

6.25hrs —

My throat is sore. My good karma must currently be off the charts. By some miracle, my work for this Saturday shrunk, and I found myself with a night off which I spent with the Gent at his place. I arrived at 7pm. At 1am, he said it was time for me to go, explicitly […]