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Recently I’ve had to try to emcompass all that I am as a person into one paragraph. I submitted a short story, “Daddy’s Girl” to an erotic anthology (which will let me know if my work has been accepted some time in April).

I also used that paragraph as my staff bio for the upcoming Dark Odyssey event, Winter Fire, which will be occurring in our Nation’s Capitol in February during the Presidents’ Day weekend.

Now don’t fret my dear readers. I am on the Setup and Breakdown crew for Winter Fire. I work before the event starts and after it has ended. I will still have all the time in the world to bite into the meat of the juicy happenings. In fact, I have a list of possible playdates all set, which I sure will translate into many many sexy stories for you to read.

But I digress…

I found it interesting when trying to boil down the vastness that is my life into fifty words (the limit for the anthology). There is just so much to one life that it felt like an impossible task. Obviously, since I sent in the story, I made it happen, but there is no way to fully describe a person in such a small number of words. For goodness sake, there is a whole genre of writing just concerning who people are/were. So, to condense twenty eight years into a paragraph…

For me, it seems almost impossible to describe any life in only fifty words, even a life that lasts for one breath.

Since my bio was for an erotic anthlogy (and a kinky convention), there were obvious things I cut out: any mention of my colorful family life, my job, my shoe size. And there were obvious things to highlight: the fact that I am an “aspiring writer” since I’ve only been published once, in the sixth grade; it was a limerick; I couldn’t tell you where to find it now. I, of course, made mention of my kinks, but there was no way to include all of them; besides, my bio would have then looked more like a singles ad then trying to encapsulate me as a person.

I did the chessy thing, mentioning how people can follow me on Twitter or read my blog, but only for DO; my hard word limit for the anthology made that an impossibility.

Now wouldn’t that be meta? Someone reading my bio from the Winter Fire booklet, coming to this blog, and then reading this entry about the bio they read in the booklet that got them here. And now I have a headache.

So, for your viewing pleasure, my bio from my erotic anthology entry. Feel free to give your critiques, or post your own. How would you describe your kinky self in fifty words?

poeticdesires is an aspiring writer who’s been exploring kink since she graduated college in 2005, and has been highly active in the east coast kink community for the past year and a half. She is a polyamorous switch and pansexual slut whose kinks include rope, fisting, bootblacking, and cigars.

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