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I really needed to pee. Like really. Like dancing outside the bathroom door, holding my crotch, needed to pee. And for some fucking reason, he was taking a shower at 1am. 1am! Who the fuck showers at 1am?

He didn’t hear me knock over the running water, so I had a decision to make. I weighed disturbing him and having an awkward situation over pissing my boxers outside the bathroom. I figured he’d understand if only for not forfeiting our security deposit.

“I’m sorry Columbus, but I have to pee.” The room was filled with steam, a normal occurrence for the both of us. Hot showers, living in the apartment together, and his sister were probably the only things we had in common.

I raced to the toilet and gratefully relieved myself. I could barely make out his figure in the shower as I finished. It wasn’t until I stood that the steam parted, he turned around, saw me, and opened the shower door.

Even through the haze, I saw how delicious his physique was. Columbus was a firefighter, and only spent half his time in our apartment. He trained every day he was here, running on the treadmill for hours at a time. The weights in the living room were his too. I knew he was fit, but holy shit… Milk chocolate skin, dark brown eyes, an eight pack, strong arms, stronger legs. Who was this man living in my home? How had I not seen this Adonis under my roof?

Oh yeah, he was my best friend’s brother. I just never thought to, well, look. We were roommates out of convenience, orchestrated by his sister to both our and her benefit, and the arrangement went well. We barely saw each other, and when we did it was cordial but noncommittal.

However, standing in the bathroom, his naked body before me, wet and glistening, the last thing on my mind were polite gestures.

As I took in the wonderment of his body, I then realized he was sizing me up too. I had needed to go so badly, it didn’t occur to me that Columbus had never seen me in such a state of undress. I wore the aforementioned boxers, which were short and hugged my ass just right. I also wore a tank top, gray, body hugging, no bra. I then realized my nipples were hard and most likely visibly erect to him.

Something else was also becoming erect.

We stood there looking at each other for about thirty seconds before I turned to walk out. I wanted to fuck him. I really wanted to fuck him. Fuck, I wanted to fuck my best friend’s brother.

Holy shit, I needed to leave. As I turned away, I felt his hand grip onto my wrist. I stopped in my tracks. Turning back, I saw the look on his face, the wanting in his eyes. I saw him lick his lips, those full lips which I now imagined on mine.

“Shit.” My hands found his face as I rushed into his arms for a kiss. My sleep clothes moistened with the water against his body. His hands found the small of my back and my ass.

He pulled me into the shower. The warm water only intensified the heat between us. He pulled off my now incredibly wet clothes. He pushed me against the wall. He bit my neck. He pulled my hair. He slid his hand in between my legs. He lightly bit one nipple; he sucked the other. I started moaning.

“Shit.” I lifted a leg and wrapped it around his hip. He lifted my body against the shower wall. He pounded his hand into me, harder, deeper.

“Shit.” I got closer, closer to it, that intense moment when endorphins raced through my body, ripped my abdomen in half, and I would scream not only obscenities, but his name. As I got closer, my breathing increased, but so did his. Normally I’d have my eyes closed, but his stare was fixed on me and I didn’t want to let it go.

“May I…” He inserted another finger. I gasped.

“May you what?”

“May I cum for you?” A wide smile spread across his face. Did he know about orgasm control? Did he know what I did with the people I brought home and quickly ushered into my room? Did he know about me?

“Hmm…” Oh no, even if he didn’t know, he was tormenting me. He may or may not be in the scene, but he already had a feel for topping.

“Please, please let me cum for you. Please Columbus.” His thumb sped up its motion on my clit.

“Cum my little slut.” I finally closed my eyes, gripped my legs tight around his hips, and rode his hand hard. I screamed loudly, “Thank you, Columbus. Oh, fuck, thank you. Shit. Oh God. Oh God. Columbus.” Since we were in the shower, I don’t know if he noticed me squirt.

After my orgasm, he slowly lowered me down. He stood six foot even; I looked up into his eyes from six inches down.

“My room or yours?” His question was simple, yet full of subtext. I lightly caressed his quite erect cock.

“Mine.” Yes, he would soon learn all the fun things I liked to do, and loved to have done to me. Yes, he would fuck me, but did he know he would also beat me, tie me up, slap and punch me? Did he know what he was getting into?

Oh well, his dick was hard, I was horny, and it was only 1am.

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