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My NeverEnding Bag

FetFest memory…

On Saturday I attended Lochai’s Bondage For Sex class.

For some special/odd reason, my Hello Kitty bag seemed to solve every issue that came up during his presentation.

When I first arrived, I sat in the Barn on a bench and grumbled to myself, “Dammit, when did I get so fucking popular?” I had checked my phone and saw I’d missed a bunch of texts and a phone call from my friends, no doubt in need of their Cabin Bitch.

Lochai, looking over, said, “Well, since you’ve been cute.  And you’re into rope.  And you’re a great submissive.  And you’re learning a lot.”

“Oh, okay.”

That shut me up real quick. If I could have blushed, my face would have been bright red. One, I did not realize I had grumbled so loudly. And two, I didn’t realize Lochai noticed even a quarter of the shit I did. (Yeah, I really need to get over this ugly duckling bullshit. No matter how much I think it, I do not fade into the background.)

As people filtered in, I pulled out my notebook and buried my face in it, scribbling some notes on my day thus far before class started. Before lunch, Glenda from NCSF casually mentioned how she liked my spirit and suggested I go out for IMsL. Gray, who I happened to be walking with towards the Dining Hall, got bug-eyed and said I would be perfect for it. I noted the interaction, the conversation at lunch, and that I should talk to Sara Vibes, the current title holder, about it.

At the start of Lochai’s class, he began with one small question: What is sex?

My answer: An intimate connection.

There were many many answers (oral, vaginal, anal, digital, etc.). For Lochai, it was anything you wanted it to be.

He started with the example of chocolate. Chocolate could be sex, to which, as a lover of hot, milk and dark, I had to agree. Lochai thought he had a piece of the sweetness, but unfortunately he did not. He asked the class if anyone had some.

I piped up, saying I did. Reaching into my Hello Kitty bag, I pulled out my last piece of dark chocolate, the last piece of the bar Gray gave me at Rope Camp. Put it to good use, Lochai.

I handed him the treat. He instructed NaughtyEm to lie on her back and purse her lips. Placing the chocolate on her lips, he then instructed her to not eat it. That was now bondage for sex.

Lochai next talked about how bondage could be physical or emotional. “We’re not going to talk for two weeks.” An example of emotional bondage, impeding the connection between two people.

Lochai went on to show a bunch of different ties and positions, getting the minds of everyone in the class working. Lochai cared more about us thinking and understanding the theory of bondage for sex rather than specific ties.

He suggested we make our ties simple enough to undo with one hand; this would allow for quick changes or using the other hand to please ourselves. He mentioned crotch ropes and using insert-ables, with a lovely cameo by KnaveKarina. Lochai strove for us to be creative.

However, there was one tie he did mention by name: Gray’s Tie Em Up and Fuck Em Harness. Lochai couldn’t remember the specific way to tie it, though. Once again, I piped up. He allowed me to show the class the harness, using my own rope on NaughtyEm. I was a giddy giddy Teacher’s Pet, happy to have contributed to the class.

But wait, there was more.

After my small demo, Lochai showed how you could achieve a similar effect with webbing.

He then spoke about an easy way to use rope for sex: just use a coil as a dildo. With a demo bottom on the mat and ready, Lochai pulled out a coil, but he needed a condom.

Once again, my Hello Kitty bag came to the rescue. I gave him one. He unwrapped it, but then dropped the condom on the floor.

Did I have another?

I searched through my bag as others looked on their persons’ as well. Aha! “Got it.” I handed him a second condom. He wrapped the rope and gave it to his demo. She started masturbating with the coil, but needed some assistance.

“Do you have lube?”

“Hold on.” Another quick search. “Got it.” I handed him the packet of lube. Squeezing the slick substance onto the condom, she returned to her fun, and I smiled ear-to-ear.

And that’s why I’m a full service Cabin Bitch.

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