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Ropey Fun Time

Most of the time we talked. We geeked out over rope. We ate grocery store sushi. I put in an order for a natural fiber kit. We enjoyed each other’s company. Most of the time was filled with words.

But part of the night was more action than notions, more feel than say.

I was in rope first. N3rddom tied me while Nomad and KnownUnknown watched and chatted. I let myself get lost in the constriction, his constant push-pull, his control of my body. I brushed my hands as best I could against his stomach, against his leg, as he tied. He always had his body against mine. He spanked my ass. I squealed a little. My head became swimmy. The feeling was delicious.

Next I tied Nomad. She was in the mood for whimsy. I was in the mood to inflict pain. I experimented with a tie I’d seen recently. I trapped her arms, secured her chest to a hard point, and took away one of her legs.

I immediately went for her free leg. She hopped around, trying to get away. When her free leg grew tired, I switched them up. N3rddom, more of a Sadist than I, attached nipples clamps and linked them to her ankle rope. She did not move much after that. He grabbed a Hitachi and she quietly came.

We removed the nipple clamps and ankle line, but I wasn’t done. I punched, slapped, spanked, and kneed her more. She’d never had such treatment before, but found she liked it. I enjoyed beating on her. I enjoyed the power, the control, the force of my will on her body.

Her skin turned red, especially on her thighs. I hugged her and caressed her hair as both N3rddom and I untied her.

We sat, chatted more. I grew sleepy. It was late and I’m suppose to wake up for work in six hours.

With the assistance of caffeinated mints (disgusting but effective), I safely made my way home from a fun Monday night.

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