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It has been five days since fresh words have graced the top page of this blog. For that, my dear readers, I apologize.

However, if you had happened to check out that handy dandy pages link up there on the tippy top left corner, you would have noted that my cute ass was at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire this President’s Day weekend.

In fact, for this event, I was on staff, and found myself at the host hotel a day early for setup and staying into the evening on Monday to help with breakdown .

My Winter Fire experience was a roller coaster of emotions, both amazing and not so fun. This was the first event I ever attended as a staff member, which brought a new set of challenges to overcome. And, needless to say, I have a lot to talk about.

But this will not be the first of many posts to come, not just yet. I have a process and, dammit, I need to follow it.

Though it pains me to wait to write, taking the time to reflect and tell myself my story in my cozy bedroom all alone, a long and involved ritual, helps me come down. It solidifies my memories, provides emotional closure for my experiences, and serves double duty as a comfort in times of sadness and excellent source material for when I go back to write about said events.

And, let’s face it, we all want me to recount my adventures in deliciously painful explicit detail.

So I’m typing away on my tiny netbook this morning, after having dropped off my roommate at work, us chatting about our experiences at the event the entire time, informing you all that:

1- I am still alive.

2- I will make a concerted effort to pre-blog before my next major event, ensuring that you, my fair readers, will not go wanting while I am off earning multiple bruises and having many orgasms.

& 3- If you wait for just a little longer, oh the stories you will read. Mmm…

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