the life and musings of a kinky slut


“What’s on your mind?”
“Am I famous or infamous?”
“No, you’re popular.”

I decided to dress up tonight, literally. I put on an actual dress, and my boots of course, puffed up my hair, and headed out to Happy Hour feeling like the shit.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Big Sis, who remarked on how good I looked. Apparently she, and many others in attendance, had never seen me in a dress. Cargos, yes. Jeans, yes. Dress, no. I informed Amethyst I would be repeating my look, as well as other girlie outfits, at Winter Fire.

ManKraken! came over and embraced me. We held each other tight, the first time we’d been face-to-face in weeks. Later I promised I would find time to play with him at the upcoming event. (I cannot tell you how happy I am that there will be a 24hr Dungeon in one of the hotels; I will most definitely make use of it.)

At 7:45pm, after my quick dinner and much good conversation, I departed. I needed to pick up a Murphy & a Slut. About 45mins later I returned, cool people in tow.

I bought my first drink of the night, a Blue Thing. Created by my usual bartender two weeks ago, it is a mix of Stoli Blueberry, Blueberry Curacao, a splash of OJ, a splash of Sprite, and a splash of a third clear liquid from the fountain gun, probably soda water. Above all else, it is delicious, despite the fact that it looks like I’m drinking Windex as one friend informed me last week.

I mixed and mingled for thirty minutes before my meeting. All of Rhythm Section was in attendance. We talked about playlists, assignments, plans, and our many different musical tastes swirled together well. Thankfully, since we had the meeting out on the smoking ledge, in the cold, it was over in 23mins.

I returned to my mingling. I tried to keep up with an Ayn Rand conversation between a few folks, which included ArrogantSlut, but having never read any of the fiction discussed, I merely smiled, nodded, and hoped a subject I could contribute to was close at hand. Thankfully this happened when ArrogantSlut began to talk to me about impact, domination, and emotional reactions.

Both he and I were pulled onto the smoking ledge when ManKraken!, Slut, Murphy, & Celeste wanted to watch the latest Epic Rap Battle of History. When I learned ArrogantSlut had never seen any of them, I made it a point to remedy his predicament.

Since we were on the smoking ledge, he asked me if it was okay for him to take part. I gave my approval. He pulled out his pipe and pouch of tobacco. This brought a smile to my face. The conversation naturally shifted to me explaining cigar play.

Somehow we ended up alone on the ledge. I told him about all the lovely things I’d done and experienced when it came to cigars. He seemed intrigued.

Now that it was quiet, we went back to YouTube on my phone. I showed him three different battles. He seemed to enjoy them.

We returned inside. I placed my coat back by my bag. As I turned around, I noticed PenBeatSword was engaged in conversation with a circle of friends. He informed me he was about to leave. We both regretted not being able to talk some. I inquired about his phone number, since the best way at the upcoming event for me to schedule play time with folks would be through text. We exchanged information.

He then asked me for a moment in the closet. LadyAisha served as our lookout.

My butt rested on the ice machine, my hands by my side. He came in close and kissed me. Softly, slowly, we let our lips and tongues play. I heard the click of his knife opening. He danced it across my exposed skin: my chest, my cleavage, my neck. He reached into the top of my dress, pulled the fabric away, and glided the blade across my breasts.

Grasping me, he turned my body around. He leaned in, my ass against his hips. I ground back against him. He bit my neck. I gasped with delight.

I took his hand and guided it down, under the skirt of my dress, through the missing crotch in my tights. His fingers flicked at my clit. My breathing grew heavier. I felt the warmth growing. I asked permission to cum. He granted it. Later he texted me, saying he quite enjoyed that part of our interaction. After I came, he rose his fingers to my lips and I sucked away my juices.

Aisha called out the warning. We exited the closet. Time well spent.

I got another Blue Thing. I joined ArrogantSlut’s conversation with a lovely gentleman. We spoke of family, gender, sexuality, and a person’s ability to judge character. We each embraced before we needed to depart.

The night had grown long. The crowd had filtered to almost nothing. With a ManKraken!, Murphy, and Slut in tow, after a quick stop for salt and carbs, we made our way to our resting spots for the night.

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