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Broken Rule

I made a rule for myself for this year that I will, finally, break. It took two full months, but it is indeed time.

It was my plan to take every Sunday off in 2012. I thought if I did this I would devote at least four hours of the day to working on my almost finished novel and open myself up to spending time with family and friends. The spending time with people did, in fact, happen, and I am happy for the relaxing rejuvenating moments.   The working on the novel though…

So this Sunday, for the first time this year, I am working.

And even as I know it is the right decision ($120 for less than an hour of effort, if you can even call plugging some stuff in and fiddling with a few nobs effort), I am still disappointed. I set a goal for myself, and I have not been living up to it.

I have worked on my novel precious little.  If I had devoted even half the time I told myself I would, Sticky (the name of my story) would be fit for print by now. Instead I’ve left it by the wayside, again.

The major factor for me deciding to work some Sundays (no, this instance will not be a one off) is money. I can make a lot of money doing simple gigs on Sundays. In fact, the majority of my paychecks are earned Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I had been trying to make up for the lost day in packing my schedule throughout the rest of the week, but letting those possible high paying hours pass by has gotten to hard. And after having booked my plane tickets for IMsL, I can no longer deny that I need to increase my revenue stream if I hope to end this year by some miracle broken even; in the black is probably a pipe dream.

So already I have to amend my year’s road map. I will only accept the high paying Sunday gigs, leaving me some time to spend with family and friends.  I will not work every Sunday. 

I’m trying to figure out a way to make working on Sticky as habitual as working on my blog, but that notion is difficult to conceive. It’s almost easy for me to write a blog every day; I won’t let myself go to sleep without doing it. 

Something in my brain bugs me when I try to be lazy. “You didn’t write yet.  You know you’re suppose to write every day.  How about that incident with your coworker, or that hot image you have in your head, or that one awesome line you thought up?  Come on, just one page.  Just one short little page and I’ll stop poking you in the brain all night.” 

But figuring out how to be creative on the same topic every day….

I’m not sure how I will make this happen, but at least it is in my mind’s eye. I’ve got to start somewhere.

For now I leave you with a thought: When is money everything, and when is it nothing?
[I suspect how one answers that speaks volumes as to who they are as a person and what kind of life they have, and wish to have, lived.]

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