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Girl Fight

So… after Gray’s edict. After Chey & Stefanos & Nerine. After laughing and screeching, boots on flesh and twisted faces of pain. After all that, I still had a scene to oversee.

It was time for some chicks to fight.

My whole point for going to Playful & Predicament BDSM was to germinate possible ideas for what was to be my early afternoon: Girl Fight 2.5.

Girl Fight 1.0 happened before I met SkinnyBitch and PrincessA. I heard the story of the incident, an amazing scene that the two women wanted to repeat. Unfortunately Girl Fight 2.0 was scheduled but did not occur.

As WinterFire approached, and planning of scenes started, SkinnyBitch mentioned Girl Fight, saying she wanted to have another. With a roommate and friend like me who just so advantageously had rope, and would love to watch two of her friends go at it, I most humbly, joyous, jumping-up-and-down-screeching “Me! Me! Me!” volunteered to help make this happen.

Since PrincessA would not be at WinterFire, SkinnyBitch had to figure out who else she could rumble. After a few thoughts, she settled on HoopFlyBurn.

Now looking at the two women, they are somewhat evenly matched. SkinnyBitch ran marathons. HoopFlyBurn was currently slogging her way through the Insanity workouts. And though SkinnyBitch was smaller than HoopFlyBurn, SkinnyBitch was scrappy. In my mind, it was a toss up.

When I entered my roommate’s hotel room, I was lent a special prop for the scene: SkinnyBitch’s rape whistle. As it hung on my neck, I felt so proud.

Heading down to the Dungeon, the only open play area for us was the small side Dungeon across the hall from the classes, the first afternoon session just underway. We laid out three large mats. I set the ground rules.

No eye gouging.
No closed fist punching.
There would be three rounds, five minutes a piece. Person who held their opponent down twice would win.
They had the option of tapping out for a round.

In attendance for the festivities were DeepEnd, RockStarIsis, Alice, Cairo, LooksRDeceiving, and Amethyst, as well as the other scenes going on in the small room.

The ladies removed their clothing, down to just their underwear, and we began.

For each round, I gave the ladies rope predicaments to deal with. For round one, both ladies had their right legs bound. I whistled the start and they began. Surprising only to me, the ladies did not last long. I had not anticipated five minutes being too long of a time span for their rounds. However, all the same, HoopFlyBurn landed the first blow, pinning SkinnyBitch around the three minute mark.

For round two, SkinnyBitch’s leg remained bound, but HoopFlyBurn now had her arm tied instead. I gave the ladies a little time to breathe before I whistled the round to start; only three minutes for this one. SkinnyBitch, now with the advantage, bested HoopFlyBurn, scoring a pin. They were tied, 1-1.

It was time for round three.

Somewhat mimicking the rope in Girl Fight 1.0, I secured crotch ropes on both of the ladies. I then tied simple chest harnesses to each and attached the harnesses to the opposing person’s crotch rope. Because of the extra rope work, again the ladies were given a breather.

With their binds secure, I whistled the start. Once again, they scrapped on the mats, rolling and twisting, each trying to get an advantage on the other. But, after the three minute round, no woman had bested the other. Both were exhausted, and their audience was left with a tie.

I loosed their chest harnesses, giving the ladies more time to breathe and take a quick drink. With their crotch ropes still on, it was time for sudden death.

Two minutes. Winner take all.

I had the ladies start on the mats at opposite corners. Breathing heavy, ready to see who would win, I threw a length of rope between them. “Have at it.”

I whistled the start. HoopFlyBurn got to the coil first. SkinnyBitch tried her best to wrench the cord away from HoopFlyBurn. In a desperate, and rather clever effort, HoopFlyBurn flung the rope away. (Later she mentioned how she had no skill when it came to tying and figured her best bet was to just get rid of it all together.)

The two women grappled, tired, but neither wanting to back down. Finally, with mere seconds left on my iPhone’s timer, using the crotch rope as leverage, SkinnyBitch pinned HoopFlyBurn to the mat. We had our winner, oh scrappy roommate of mine.

After the laughs and hugs, and cleaning and putting away of the mats, and finding the piece of SkinnyBitch’s nipple ring that fell off, we all happily made our way back to our regularly scheduled WinterFire Sunday.

I returned the rape whistle, grudgingly.

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